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Justin Bieber Wins a 2011 CMT Award

4 years ago by Devin Desjarlais
Thanks to the results of last night's 2011 CMT Awards it looks like the down-home Southern-bumpkin style of music so lovingly referred to as "country" has gone a little insane. It used to be that country music was known for it's twangy banjo and lyrics that cried about broken marriages,...

Ten Best Parties for Winter Music Conference 2011, March 10 to 13

4 years ago by S. Pajot
The human body is an amazing biological machine. You can try your damnedest to irreversibly damage its every last cell by subjecting it to a sleepless six-day Winter Music Conference spree of ass-pounding party music, 36-hour dancing blackouts, and a diet consisting of Red Bull, vodka, and miscellaneous pharmacological products...

Best Of South Florida Music 2011: Plains - Plains

3 years ago by Jose Flores
County Grind is counting down 2011's best local albums in South Florida. Monitor our progress here.Plains' self-titled debut album is damn near perfect. Leader Michael McGinnis has crafted 41minutes of music that begs to be looped endlessly. The melodies of this Miami rock outfit float higher than Damon Albarn's soaring...

Best South Florida Music 2011: Arrange - Plantation

3 years ago by Ryan Burk
County Grind is counting down 2011's best local albums in South Florida. Monitor our progress here.Caught somewhere in the subduction zone between dream and pop lies this year's full-length offering from Arrange. Solo musician Malcom Lacey has crafted a withdrawn sound. The songs on Plantation do not fluctuate in overtly...

MTV Hosts First Ever African Music Awards

6 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
As I was cruising the blogosphere over the weekend, I came across an interesting story that definitely caught me by surprise. MTV, home to all things exploitive and pop, just held their first annual African Music Awards in Abuja, Nigeria this past Saturday. It's a move that could bolster more...
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