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Best Pompano Beach Neighborhood Bar


To find yourself a badass neighborhood bar, you need only employ the bar checklist: Ambiance, Bartender, Cocktails, Distraction (ABCD). Good ambiance, check: The walls of Yak-Zies are covered with neatly arranged photos of local dogs (the late Missy was rumored to prefer Miller beer), Norman Rockwell prints, and humor posters...
Best Of Winner

Best Pompano Beach Neighborhood Bar

The Circus Sports Bar and Grill

Let's get one thing straight up front: Clowns are fucking creepy. And circuses are mostly filled with sanctioned animal abuse and freaks who don't believe in gravity (until it hits them in the face). But not all big tops are bad. The Circus Sports Bar and Grill in Pompano has...
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Best Pompano Beach Bar

Buccaneer Lounge and Liquor

This Pompano neighborhood bar is for storytellers. As the bartender will tell you, sometimes they're the same stories. You'll be the thousandth ear that's heard that Buccaneer regular, the middle-aged ex-yachtie or rabble-rouser, relate the time he got pulled over with rum and pot. Spoiler: The cop let him go...
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Best Neighborhood Bar in North Broward

Jesse's Xtreme Sports Bar

No, you don't have to base-jump or sky-surf your way into Jesse's, as the name implies. But once you get past the slightly silly moniker, you'll find that the scruffy watering hole represents what we like best about this part of town. Namely, that there's little "pomp" in Pompano Beach...

Rusty Hook Tavern Could Help Make Pompano Beach the Next Trendy Neighborhood

3 months ago by Nicole Danna
Hotel restaurants used to exist for the sole purpose of giving guests a place to satisfy their hunger without going outside. But unless you're dining at the Four Seasons or the Taj Mahal, it's not generally where you expect to find a good meal and lively atmosphere. The Rusty Hook...
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