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Best Record Store Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Radio-Active Records

Radio-Active Records

Radio-Active Records

845 N. Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


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Purchasing music at Radio-Active Records still feels good. Unlike stores that would be just as happy to sell you a flat-screen television or a Twilight paperback, this spot is where everyone — buyers and sellers alike — is all about the records. Stow a pile of choice discs behind the front counter until payday if you must, but it's likely that these rare jazz, psychedelic, or even bluegrass vinyl finds are gonna make it tough to leave empty-handed. Add the unmatched selection of new, mind-melting music in all genres and the blistering shows held on the sizable stage in the back and going home really isn't viable anymore, is it?

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