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Best Sports Bar Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Duffy's Sports Grill

Duffy\'s Sports Grill

Duffy's Sports Grill

1804 Cordova Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


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Here's what a sports fan wants — nay, needs — in a good sports bar: good food, reasonably priced alcohol, plenty of screen visibility, and a crowd that doesn't make the entire thing painful. It sounds like a simple formula, but it's almost never done right. Duffy's, a Florida-based chain of fan-friendly bar and grills, is catching on, though. The location just off SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale, in a building that used to house a steak joint, features a bar surrounded by giant flat screens hanging overhead like glowing altars to gods of sport. The menu is also diverse, with everything from glazed ribs to burgers to decadent nachos to goat cheese salads. And the regulars are generally above drunken obnoxiousness but not above giving a stranger a high-five when the home team scores.

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Duffy's All-Star Member
Duffy's All-Star Member

I love Duffy's! I'm an All-Star card holder and usually choose Duffy's over anybody else. However, this Ft. Lauderdale Duffy's is one I would not choose to go back to. Kitchen closes at 11, so for a guy like me who gets off work late to enjoy food and a drink, it's not really possible. That is, unless I want to eat 3 mini hot dogs. I was also surprised to discover that the bar didn't carry a few things I would normally order. 

This is a great place for some of the older folk who don't stay out as late I suppose. Location is great and not too far from everything. If you're looking for a nice simple dinner at a sports bar I would recommend this Duffy's.


Great News!!!  The ENTIRE Menu is now available till midnight.  We love the Specials and the crew is always so happy.