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Best Of Winner

Best Steak Over $50

Morton's, the Steakhouse

Filet mignon is a down pillow disguised as beef. It has many characteristics of the average down pillow. It's soft and cottony, sort of round, extremely comforting... and has all the flavor of a sack of feathers wrapped in cotton fabric and seasoned with years' worth of dandruff. But let's...
Best Of Winner

Best Steak Over $50

NY Strip

Like we said before, it doesn't take a whole heap of skill to turn an expensive piece of dry-aged prime beef into a quality steak. The difference here is you get to eat your $50-plus prime rib eye — melting with marbled fat and still hissing and popping from its...

Sabado Gigante at 50

2 years ago by Jon Tayler
Javier Romero doesn't notice the dancing midget in the turkey costume at first. Wearing a suit and sitting on a short stool backstage on the set of Sábado Gigante, the 47-year-old Cuban cohost, with a deceptively smooth face and brown hair seemingly sculpted into place, is taking a break. How...

Food Fight: Cheese Steaks

5 years ago by Brett Gillin
In the interest of full disclosure: I was born in Philadelphia. Therefore, along with being a completely obnoxious sports fan, I have a special place in my clogged arteries for cheese steaks. I also get upset when I see the words "Philly Cheese Steak" on a menu only to find...

Florida's Ellen Jaffe Jones Named PETA's Sexiest Vegan Over 50

4 months ago by Hannah Sentenac
According to PETA, nothing's sexier than saving animals. And given that veganism tends to lead to weight loss, better skin, more energy, and (so they say) more sexual stamina, they might have a point. The animal advocacy org takes its duties as sexy-vegan steward very seriously. One honor it doles...
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