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Best Tattoo Shop Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Rock-A-Billy Tattoo

Rock-A-Billy Tattoo

Rock-A-Billy Tattoo

4576 N. University Drive

Sunrise, FL 33351


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Once upon a time, the tattoo industry was associated with a few things: sailors, bikers, and criminals. But oh, how the times have changed. In today's society, tattoos have become a pop-culture trend appearing on everything from clothing to even our own moms. But tattoos are more than a trend; they're a lifelong decision to decorate your body with beautiful pieces of permanent artwork. So why waste that opportunity (or the artist's time, for that matter) on being "that guy" with just another tribal armband or some Chinese letters that mean who knows what? Choosing the right shop is important, and with the ever-growing popularity of the industry, tattoo shops are popping up quicker than pain clinics. For more than a decade, Rock-A-Billy Tattoo's artists, all well-rounded in a myriad of styles, have provided the local area with original tattoos and quality work. Owner Dave Poole's stunning Asian-inspired pieces, P.L. Serrano's detailed portraits, and Steve Wittenberger's knack for traditional styling are just a few examples of the talent bursting from the hands of Rock-A-Billy's artists. So when tattoo time comes for you, take a visit to Rock-A-Billy's Lauderhill location, and don't forget to snag a look at the enormous collection of original artwork adorning the shop's walls.

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Way to go Dave and crew. Congrats.


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