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Dine Out Lauderdale: Five Deals to Sink Your Teeth Into

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Fort Lauderdale is full of beautiful waterfront homes, huge yachts, and high-end restaurants. Suffice it to say, there is a bit of money running around this town. Unfortunately, for the average resident, keeping up with the Jones' in terms of culinary delights can start to get pretty expensive.Lucky for us,...

South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Food Blogging Nominees

2 years ago by Alex Rodriguez
To say the web bridges worlds together seamlessly through invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. In any case, New Times is well aware of the importance of the web, and we're celebrating with our first annual South Florida Web Awards. We've scoured the Internet in search of...

Stocked 'N' Loaded Food Trucks Ink Deal with Aramark to Serve Cruzan Amphitheatre

3 years ago by Kareem Shaker
Summer means big concerts, and this summer is no exception. Listening to Dave Matthews and Kiss at Cruzan Amphiteatre might make your tummy rumbly. While hungry concertgoers take in the biggest acts this side of the Mississippi, chef Dave Rashty and his Stocked 'N' Loaded food trucks will have them...

Q&A: Greg Rice, Grand Wine Meister for the Lake Worth Food and Wine Experience (Part 1)

5 years ago by Jeff Stratton
Greg Rice is one of South Florida's most recognizable personalities. The self-made millionaire and his twin brother, John, overcame tremendous adversity in their lives and in the process, became Palm Beach County legends. Though best-known as the pint-sized pitchman for Hulett Environmental Services -- the exterminators who had the foresight...

Orlando Calling 2011, Day 1: What Rocked and What Sucked

3 years ago by Reed Fischer
Orlando Calling Day 1With the Killers, the Raconteurs, the Roots, the Pixies, the Avett Brothers, Kid Cudi, Iron & Wine, and more Citrus Bowl Stadium, OrlandoSaturday, November 12, 2011Check out a slideshow from the festival here. Read the Day 2 wrap here.Better than: A stadium experience at Penn State.The first...
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