Food & Drink

  • Grateful Palate

    Best Restaurant in Broward County

    Grateful Palate - CLOSED

    Once solely an upscale provisioning company for yachties, the Grateful Palate in Fort Lauderdale successfully evolved into a contemporary restaurant just last year. In the newly overhauled wine lounge, you'll find both aficionados and novices sipping on global wines from family-owned vineyards. It is so serious about wine, the Grateful Palate regularly offers wine and food pairing events, classes, and… More >>
  • Best New Restaurant in Palm Beach


    Almost from the minute it opened in January, Clay Conley's Buccan was the hottest dining ticket in Palm Beach. Named after the wooden grill used to cook over an open fire in the Caribbean, it might not be quite the restaurant you'd expect in the playground of the obscenely rich and inexplicably famous, neatly splitting the difference between upscale sophistication… More >>
  • Rok:Brgr

    Best New Restaurant in Broward


    Chef and co-owner Marc Falsetto knew just what was missing in Fort Lauderdale's Himmarshee Village when he brought us Rok:Brgr. Brick walls and dark wood create a chic vibe at this small, trendy eatery. What makes Rok:Brgr such an outstanding addition to the boozy village is the fusion of comfort and gourmet foods — perfect for satisfying an alcohol-induced food… More >>
  • Cut 432

    Best Steak House

    Cut 432

    Most steak houses are mausoleums of meat, boneyards of beef, retirement homes for carnivores. There's the obligatory dark wood and brass rail décor, which was really, really hip... in 1920. There's the pretentious, stultifying ambiance — half snobby suburban country club, half pompous dillweed. There's the usual roster of side dishes — shrimp cocktail, creamed spinach, hash browns, and the… More >>
  • Best Burger

    Old Fashioned Cheeseburger at Big City Dogs - CLOSED

    A generous half-pound beef patty charred to a crisp on the outside with a tender pink inside, smothered in melted cheese and sandwiched amid cold lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions, mayo, and pickle spears on a hearty fresh Kaiser roll — that's the Old Fashioned Cheeseburger, and there's no reason to detour from a perfect classic. This creation — an impeccable… More >>
  • Prickly Pear Margarita at Canyon Southwestern Cafe

    Best Margarita

    Prickly Pear Margarita at Canyon Southwestern Cafe

    The prickly pear margarita at Canyon is pink enough to give you advance visual warning that this is not your average tequila cocktail. But worry not: The bright color does not mean it's going to be sickeningly sugary like most festively hued drinks. It's perfect: sweet in a way that's complementary to the sour of lime and sour in a… More >>
  • The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

    Best Poured Guinness

    The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

    The elusive best poured Guinness: a chilled, ruby-colored brew buried deep in a pint glass and crowned with a creamy, frothy head that coats your throat on the way down. Maybe the Irish have fire in their blood because, west of Ireland, finding this heady, alcohol-filled treasure done right is rarer than finding gold at the end of a rainbow.… More >>
  • Trina

    Best Martini

    Trina - CLOSED

    A swanky, sultry hotel lounge with an ambiance that inspires sex and a view that stares straight out at the sparkling sea? Adding awesome martinis — a perfect classic and a unique collection of specialties, including the award-winning Cubeltini — can only make that better.… More >>
  • Rosie\'s Bar & Grill

    Best Bloody Mary

    Rosie's Bar & Grill

    Rosie's bloody mary is a drink most blessed and revered: It's spicy enough to wake you up, tangy enough to please your taste buds, and filling enough to combat even the nastiest of hangovers. It's like a big, welcoming bowl of (alcoholic) tomato soup and even perfectly acceptable by most social standards to consume before noon — lavish brunch not… More >>
  • Da Big Kahuna\'s Jungle Juice

    Best Specialty Drink

    Da Big Kahuna's Jungle Juice

    Da Big Kahuna's Jungle Juice is an intoxicating, tropical-themed elixir that deserves this award if for no other reason than because there is no category for "Best Drink With Which to Knock an Entire Sorority on Its Collective Ass." The Juice is served in a giant plastic seashell with multiple straws and partially submerged pieces of fruit, all of which… More >>
  • Der Chancellor, Tequesta Brewing Co.

    Best Beer

    Der Chancellor, Tequesta Brewing Co.

    The Tequesta Brewing Co. is a perfect mixture of old and new. The always-packed tap room sports modern flourishes like exposed metal rafters and dark-blue lighting that makes the stainless-steel brewing vessels visible from the bar look like UFOs about to take flight. Complementing that is vintage-style black-and-white photography and a 100-year-old bar that looks like it was taken straight… More >>
  • Walking the Plank at the Pirate Bar

    Best Cheap Thrill

    Walking the Plank at the Pirate Bar - CLOSED

    You've been at the beach for hours, you've had a few beers, you have no plans for the entire afternoon, but you're getting sleepy. It's scorching outside — too hot to drink coffee and too pleasant to go home. Solution: Brush the sand off your ass and go to the Pirate Bar to walk the plank. It's a sake bomb… More >>
  • Living Room Theaters

    Best Place to Get Drunk

    Living Room Theaters

    Movies, alcohol, and food... Is there any better trifecta? Lucky for us, all three are magically joined at FAU's Living Room Theaters movie complex in Boca Raton. Having opened its doors in October 2010, the complex includes four 50-seat theaters, each equipped with state-of-the-art sound, immaculate picture quality, and those fancy leather seats with moveable armrests. In addition to the… More >>
  • Bozo\'s Sandwich Shop

    Best Cheap Lunch

    Bozo's Sandwich Shop - CLOSED

    Over the swing bridge and through the park, to the best damned stifling-hot, people-packed, appetite-mocking sandwich shop we go. Would you like your cheeseburger on a normal bun or in the form of a gut-busting sub for just over five bucks? While you're thinking, close your eyes. It's easy to imagine you're on some rambling Deep South byway, hearing the… More >>
  • Charcuterie Too

    Best Place to Lunch Every Day

    Charcuterie Too - CLOSED

    Downtown Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of restaurants, from basic sandwich shops to upscale eateries that morph into clubs at night. Yet those of us who work and live in this panoply of gustatory diversity somehow still find ourselves wondering what the hell we're going to eat for lunch. Many downtowners have found the ideal solution: "Let's just go to… More >>
  • Myung Ga Tofu and BBQ

    Best Comfort Food

    Myung Ga Tofu and BBQ

    The words comfort food may not immediately bring to mind galbi, jjigae, and bibimbap — not unless you're Korean, anyway. But the heart and soul of comfort food is the idea that it should be something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Myung Ga, a humble Korean restaurant in far-off Weston, definitely delivers on that front. On any… More >>
  • Larry\'s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Yogurt

    Best Ice Cream Parlor

    Larry's Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Yogurt

    Maybe it's because ice cream parlors are such ubiquitous fixtures on the American landscape, but for some reason, kitsch and gimmicks have become the rule rather than the exception. Seems that nowadays they all sell ice cream in bathroom fixtures so large that the flavors ooze together, or via a do-it-yourself scheme that tricks people into loading up on toppings… More >>
  • Best Bakery

    Barbara Young Bake Shop - CLOSED

    Instead of grabbing the same old Starbucks croissant, pop into Barbara Young Bake Shop for a slice of homemade heaven. Barbara Young, a 35-year pastry chef, opted out of retirement to open her dream bakery on the Las Olas strip in 2010. The interior has a traditional Americana-meets-retro look, giving it a welcoming feel. When you walk in, the savory… More >>
  • Five Guys

    Best Chain Restaurant

    Five Guys

    People who should go here: those who like hamburgers. People who should not go here: those with peanut allergies.… More >>
  • Best French Fries

    Disco Fries at Diner 24 - CLOSED

    Late-night eats or anytime treats... Oakland Park's Diner 24 knows what diner lovers desire — all things greasy, hearty, and home-style. And what's better than a filling portion of good, ol'-fashioned French fries smothered in a symphony of glistening beef gravy and creamy mozzarella cheese? A second portion of them! These fries, most likely invented during an inebriated moment of… More >>
  • Sugar Rush

    Best Milk Shake

    Sugar Rush

    At Sugar Rush, the four-wheeled version of Miami's Sweetness Bake Shop, you can have your cake and drink it too. The dessert-oriented food truck hocks tasty sweets in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. And one of its signature frozen treats is something called a cake 'n' shake. It's essentially a vanilla or chocolate milk shake blended with a thick slice of… More >>
  • Best Restaurant in Palm Beach County

    Kubo Asiatic Cuisine - CLOSED

    Kubo means "long life" in Japanese and "small house" in Tagalog, the language of chef-owner Roy Villacrusis' native Philippines. "Asiatic cuisine" is Villacrusis' fiercely individual, breathtakingly inventive take on the cuisines of Asia, inspired by sushi but blasting off to an entirely new and different universe. Though open less than a year, Kubo earns its Best Restaurant honors by being… More >>
  • Sonny\'s Gelato Cafe

    Best Gelato

    Sonny's Gelato Cafe

    You know a gelato restaurant knows its shit when Sylvester Stallone has gone through the drive-through. Sonny's Gelato Café in Boca Raton is within walking distance of Florida Atlantic University's main campus and apparently within driving distance for "Rocky" to feed his habit. The popular gelato café features more than 40 flavors on its menu. When asked to name the… More >>
  • Crepes by the Sea

    Best Crepe

    Crepes by the Sea

    Downtown Delray Beach is probably about as close as one is going to get to a small-town feel around here. Atlantic Avenue is like an old-fashioned main street running through Mayberry or Smallville. Of course, you can also valet the beach. (This is still Palm Beach County, after all.) But just off the avenue, hidden behind a snooty art gallery,… More >>
  • Best Pizza

    Pizzeria Oceano

    Wild boar cacciatorini with red onions and aged cheddar. Roasted eggplant with chilies, capers, and shallots. Local beet leaf with lemon and garlic. These aren't just pizzas, folks. They are visions both mad and beautiful, dreamed up by Dak Kerprich, chef/owner of Lantana's Pizzeria Oceano. Kerprich is an auteur when it comes to pie making. He makes his own mozzarella… More >>
  • Mauro\'s Pizza

    Best Pizza by the Slice

    Mauro's Pizza

    The service-with-a-snarl shtick — a gimmick that peaked in the late '90s, when Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" was nothing short of a cultural phenomenon — can wear thin in a hurry, particularly if the food doesn't counterbalance the server's indignation. The continuing success of this brusque downtown Hollywood mainstay is testament that it's got the pie to back up the 'tude.… More >>
  • Bagel Boyz

    Best Bagel

    Bagel Boyz

    "How are the bagels made? Do you boil them? Huh?! DO YOU?!" South Florida locals are known to kvetch over their bagels. You see, the perfect bagel is boiled and then put in a rotating oven until it's a golden, toasty brown, and New York transplants are experts at detecting fakes. Bagel Boyz employees nod politely because yes, they've heard… More >>
  • World of Beer

    Best Beer Selection

    World of Beer

    Before World of Beer opened in the Promenade at Coconut Creek last July, craft beer was still very much an alternative movement in South Florida, spoken of mostly by dyed-in-the-wool fans who were sick of the words Bud and Miller being uttered in the same context as beer. These days, another location has opened on Clematis Street, and your mom… More >>
  • Nacho Bizness

    Best Taco

    Nacho Bizness

    When was the last time you ate a taco that made you curse because it was so good? Try the spicy Korean pulled-pork concoction at Nacho Bizness, a mobile food truck generally located in Southwest Fort Lauderdale. Chilled cucumber, spicy sour cream, and sweet chili sauce atop a righteous helping of juicy, seasoned pork is everything a taco lover has… More >>
  • Nick and Johnnie\'s

    Best Fish Tacos

    Nick and Johnnie's

    Ahi tuna may be the most overserved dish in South Florida. It's often dull, chilled, and decorated with sesame seeds but otherwise tasteless. These ahi tacos are the much-needed exception. Imagine that a spicy tuna roll died, went to heaven, and discovered its true destiny — inside a crunchy shell, with ponzu sauce, creamy avocado, cucumber, and rice. The combination… More >>
  • Guanabanas

    Best Conch Fritters


    Nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway, Guanabanas will immediately make you feel like you're at an expensive tropical resort with its carved-wood tables and chairs, stone walkways, lush green palm trees, and polite staff. It may seem like a reflex to order a Corona and conch fritters given your surroundings, but after the first batch, it will be out of necessity.… More >>
  • Relish

    Best Place to Renounce Meat-Eating


    The only really difficult task is choosing. Will it be a black-bean burger, hearty and savory, with a hint of spice, perhaps some guacamole on top? Or maybe you prefer a wild mushroom patty — not a ground pile of mush but real mushrooms, packed together, topped with Brie or artichoke hearts. This place is ready to please anyone who… More >>
  • Big Al\'s Steaks

    Best Cheese Steak

    Big Al's Steaks

    "Whiz?" the cashier asks, and it's a test to see if you've ever had a real Philly cheese steak, the kind from South Street, where the grease and exhaust fumes are plentiful and no one raises an eyebrow at cheese that comes in a can. If you can't stomach the Cheez Whiz, it's fine; they have American and provolone. They also… More >>
  • Bombay Cafe

    Best Curry

    Bombay Cafe

    Tucked into a random medical-office strip mall near the Florida Atlantic University campus, Bombay Cafe concocts its delectable creations without frills like tablecloths or even table service. Order at the counter, grab some plastic utensils, and wait for the best combination of spices you've tasted all year. The vegetarian curries are outstanding, especially the mattar paneer — curried peas and… More >>
  • Shalama\'s Halal Roti Shop

    Best Roti

    Shalama's Halal Roti Shop

    On first glance, Shalama's Halal Roti Shop looks like the sort of dicey hole in the wall where you might find yourself at 2 a.m. after a night-long drinking binge. But look closer and you'll catch a glimpse of the kitchen located just behind the front counter. Inside, you'll see a handful of hard-working matriarchs doing the same sort of… More >>
  • Best Steak Over $50

    Morton's, the Steakhouse

    Filet mignon is a down pillow disguised as beef. It has many characteristics of the average down pillow. It's soft and cottony, sort of round, extremely comforting... and has all the flavor of a sack of feathers wrapped in cotton fabric and seasoned with years' worth of dandruff. But let's say when you separate the short loin from the tenderloin,… More >>
  • Best Pasta Dish

    Ham and Egg Ravioli at Valentino's Cucina Italiana - CLOSED

    In a small, simple space on Federal Highway, chef Giovanni Rocchio is inspired. The gastronomist reinvents everyday recipes, turning them into extraordinary dishes via his crafty technique. Rocchio could fashion marinara sauce out of water, but it's his oversized ham and egg ravioli that's a whimsical tribute to everyday Italian. Freshly made squares of pasta are piped with fresh ricotta… More >>
  • Gran Forno

    Best Bread

    Gran Forno

    A flagrant threat to the last of the remaining Atkins dieters, doughy clouds of bread beckon passersby from the window. It's nearly impossible not to peer inside and admire the bakers making breads fresh daily in their quiet determination. Neither the carb-conscious nor the flour fanatics can resist the blinding urge to devour treasures like oversized muffins, crusty rectangles of… More >>
  • Steve\'s Wrap at Kesse\'s Simply Delicious

    Best Wrap

    Steve's Wrap at Kesse's Simply Delicious

    Kesse's menu boasts a dish called "The Best Wrap" — your choice of protein with peppers, avocado, lettuce, fresh mozzarella, grilled tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, and onions. Sounds great, but the "best" is actually trumped by a menu option a few choices away, Steve's Wrap. We'll forgive the error, since Kesse's has several contenders for the title. Steve's Wrap is Mediterranean… More >>
  • Best Sandwiches

    Manny's Bakery

    Considering South America's colonial history, it makes sense that colloidal kitchen-sink sandwiches have taken root in so many parts of the continent. Just consider the chivito (Uruguay), the lomito (Chile), or the butifarra (Peru): These towering monstrosities are larded with everything from filet mignon to avocado to sauerkraut, which sure seems like the ultimate middle-finger salute to those minimalist "bocadillos"… More >>
  • Best Seafood Sandwich

    Crabcake Cutter, Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar

    Be prepared for a hearty embrace from the staff when you walk into crowded Calypso for a weekday power lunch. The warm service is guaranteed to shed any 9-to-5 woes; maybe you can't tell the boss to eff off, but you can take a 60-minute gustatory vacation. When you're not in the mood for jerk wings, curry, or seafood platters,… More >>
  • Garlic Wings at Tark\'s

    Best Chicken Wings

    Garlic Wings at Tark's

    Those in the know don't go to glorified wing houses for the best chicken wings in town. They go to a kitchen painted sea-foam green and sit (that is, if you can find a spot) or stand drumstick distance from fellow in-the-know diners. Tark's has been a Dania Beach institution for 45 years, so the folks there know chicken wings… More >>
  • Giorgio\'s Bistro & Market

    Best Croissant

    Giorgio's Bistro & Market

    Midmornings at Giorgio's Bistro & Market in Hollywood attract anyone looking to relax. Sitting outside on the dock, diners sip on strong coffee while admiring the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway. They come early for freshly baked breads and pastries and likely return later for oven-baked pizzas, sandwiches, or pastas. But the pastry sure to keep them all coming back is the… More >>
  • Betty\'s Soul Food

    Best Fried Chicken

    Betty's Soul Food

    Success in creating a delicious piece of fried chicken requires many trials and, often, age-old family recipes. And Mississippi-born Betty Taylor knows just how to master this culinary feat. At the mom-'n'-pop eatery with walls adorned with pictures of MLK and Obama, fans are grubbing on some of the country-style favorites like oxtail, chicken livers, and the delicious golden-fried chicken.… More >>
  • Truffled Chips From YOLO

    Best Potato Chip

    Truffled Chips From YOLO

    Sure, maybe it's a sign that food trends have gotten a little out of hand when we begin ordering $10 platters of potato chips at tres chic eateries. But you only live once after all, so who gives a flip if potato chips are considered cliché, fattening, or pedestrian? Sort of like transforming an uninspired bowl of ice cream to… More >>
  • Grampa\'s Bakery and Restaurant

    Best Breakfast

    Grampa's Bakery and Restaurant

    There are so many factors that make this timeless diner along Dania Beach's antique row a worthy breakfast pit stop. For starters, the place has been baking its own breads, cakes, pastries, and pies since it opened in 1957. Slide into one of its age-worn booths and order breakfast (served any time of day) and the first thing that happens… More >>
  • St. Bart\'s Coffee Co.

    Best Breakfast on the Beach

    St. Bart's Coffee Co.

    Why spend Saturday morning eating freezer-burned waffles in front of the telly when you could watch some hardbodies play volleyball while you stuff your face with banana French toast? St. Bart's Coffee Co., located in two great people-watching locations on Fort Lauderdale beach, offers a better way to start your day. If you're not a morning person, have no fear:… More >>
  • Sunday Oceanfront Brunch at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort

    Best Sunday Brunch

    Sunday Oceanfront Brunch at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort

    A brunch riddle for you: What has an unobstructed view of the Atlantic, an omelet station, a carving station, and unlimited drinks and costs only $34? Brunch at the Pelican Grand. It takes the phrase "have it your way" to new levels if "your way" includes several bloody marys, sweet pillowy cheese blintzes, steaming hot eggs Benedict, freshly carved ham,… More >>
  • Best Appetizer

    Liver Surf 'n' Turf at Kubo Asiatic Cuisine - CLOSED

    Calling Kubo chef Roy Villacrusis' exquisite creation "Liver Surf 'n' Turf" is like calling Queen Elizabeth "Lizzie" or the Hope Diamond a mere hunk of compressed carbon. This double-barreled shot of terrestrial and seafaring opulence unites two of the most luxurious ingredients you could ever put in your mouth, gilding them with the kind of breathtaking creativity that has earned… More >>
  • The Kitchen Sink at Jaxson\'s Ice Cream Parlor

    Best Dessert

    The Kitchen Sink at Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor

    (Sing to the tune of "My Favorite Things") Chocolatey syrup and marshmallow fluff Handfuls of ice cream with mounds of yummy stuff Sparklers light up this dessert made for kings The Kitchen Sink has everyone's favorite things. Homemade flavors topped with whipped cream This dessert concoction is truly a dream A few bites will cure any ice cream cravings The Kitchen Sink has everyone's favorite things. When your hunger… More >>
  • Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine

    Best Meal for Cheapskates

    Indus Indian & Herbal Cuisine

    The word buffet conjures unappetizing images of blue-haired old ladies and no-haired old men doddering around a giant steam table piled with muddy-colored substances that might once have been food. There's nothing unappetizing about the lunch buffet at this swanky-looking Indian eatery, though, especially not its all-you-can-pig-out-on-for-a-penny-squeezing $10 price tag. The dozen or so dishes lined up on long tables… More >>
  • Best Thai Restaurant

    Mama Asian Noodle Bar

    Coconut Creek's Mama Asian Noodle Bar rises high above the humdrum Thai restaurants populating strip malls all across South Florida. That's because its owners, Mike and Lisa Ponluang, have been serving the chili- and lime-inflected cuisine of their homeland to hungry South Floridians for more than 16 years. Sure, the place sports your usual assortment of curries, pad Thais, and… More >>
  • Best Food Truck

    Dim Ssäm à GoGo

    From the short-rib tacos of Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles to the funky fusion of New York-based Korilla, Korean-inspired street food has long been at the heart of the food truck craze. And now with Dim Ssäm à GoGo, the mobile extension of Miami's Sakaya Kitchen, chef Richard Halles has elevated Asian-inspired street fusion to the next level. What makes… More >>
  • Best Jamaican Restaurant

    Auntie I's

    Whether you have been craving classic Jamaican jerk chicken, oxtail, curry goat, fried fish, ackee, or some good, old-fashioned cowfoot (don't hate), old Auntie I has got you covered. She opened her first location back in 1987, and Auntie I's now has three in South Florida. Expect friendly service, along with delicious Jamaican food that's prepared using original family recipes… More >>
  • Fiorentina

    Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurant

    Fiorentina - CLOSED

    Caprese salad, fritto misto, linguine with clam sauce, veal Milanese... they're as ubiquitous to South Florida as hurricane scams and dirty politicians taking sacks of money from shady developers. So what can one more restaurant dishing up these all-American Italian favorites bring to the table? Well, in the case of Fiorentina, it can do them better and charge you less.… More >>
  • Best Expensive Italian Restaurant

    La Sirena

    Ever find yourself spending big bucks on some so-called five-star dish with a fancy name that is served on bland white linens... only to be presented with some not-so-al-dente spaghetti that's drowning in sodium-infused red sauce along with a breadbasket? You would have been better off saving your money and ordering pizza. Well, it's time to allow La Sirena to… More >>
  • Best Peruvian Cuisine


    It's a long way, both figuratively and literally, from Trujillo, Peru, to a nondescript strip mall across the street from the Lantana post office, but that's the journey of Victoria's chef-owner Julio Leon. The cheery, family-run eatery is a welcome breath of different and refreshing air in an otherwise mostly unexciting-restaurant town, one that's been embraced by a surprisingly diverse… More >>
  • Best Seafood Shop

    Capt. Frank's

    The worst way to find fresh fish and shellfish is to follow your nose. If you can smell it, it's already bait. The best way to find fresh fish and shellfish is to follow I-95 to Boynton Beach Boulevard to a funky-looking little concrete block building just a Key West pink's toss from everybody's favorite amateur speedway. In the more… More >>
  • Best French Restaurant

    French Corner Bistro & Rotisserie

    The eatery's name speaks the truth. It is literally a small, eight-table bistro serving lunch and dinner, and it's nestled in the corner of an unassuming strip mall. Black and white tiles checker the floor; romantic lighting illuminates the sheen of white-pressed tablecloths and pastel-painted walls. Francophiles won't be disappointed by the Dover sole meunière here — a delicate fish… More >>
  • Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

    Best Indian Restaurant

    Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

    Lauderhill's Woodlands has long been a favorite among Broward's western set for its authentic flavors, wide-reaching menu, and low prices. But a change in ownership last year has transformed this vegetarian haven from neighborhood joint to Indian food destination. Admittedly, this quaint strip-mall eatery has a pretty plain vibe inside. But what the décor lacks in finery, the kitchen more… More >>
  • Baja Café

    Best Mexican Restaurant

    Baja Café

    The dingy-looking yet delicious Mexican restaurants that pepper South Florida put off some people. There's something about a grimy exterior and peeling paint that don't scream "Eat here!" That's why Baja Café was onto something when it seemingly decided that bright colors would be the theme. It slapped some bright green on the exterior of the restaurant and made the… More >>
  • Best Caribbean Restaurant

    Sheila's Famous BBQ, Conch, and More - CLOSED

    For over a year, New Times has praised the slow-smoked barbecue found at Sheila's, a yellow, roadside food shack in Lake Worth. But the real draw at this casual eatery is the conch: a meaty shellfish as integral to the Caribbean as steel drums and sunshine. Sheila's gets down on the mollusc in a variety of ways: as an impeccably… More >>
  • New Hong Kong Chinese Food

    Best Carry-Out Chinese

    New Hong Kong Chinese Food

    Experienced Chinese food consumers can get soy sauce stains out of their undershirts, and they never let the faded photos of Hunan beef above the counter of a takeout eatery deter them. If the grub is going to be consumed elsewhere anyhow, atmosphere doesn't matter; the truth is in the General Tso's sauce. Leave it to the fine, fast, and… More >>
  • Best Chef

    Roy Villacrusis at Kubo Asiatic Cuisine - CLOSED

    It's only fitting that the chef whose restaurant earned Best of Palm Beach honors for 2011 should also take the crown as Best Chef. There are certainly better-known and more celebrated chefs in South Florida, but few are cooking with the disciplined abandon and uncompromising vision of Roy Villacrusis, who seemingly came out of nowhere to give the often-unadventurous Palm… More >>
  • Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying

    The Circle at the Breakers Resort

    When fantasizing about the magnificent things you'll obtain once you win the Florida Lotto, images of flashy cars, massive castle-esque homes, and fabulous hats may come to mind. But if your lucky numbers haven't come up yet, you might be forced to simply bask alongside those privy to such financial glory. Inside a massive cream-colored resort that resembles a Roman… More >>
  • Best Celebrity Chef

    Clay Conley at Buccan

    Clay Conley's 15 minutes are almost here. The successor at Azul at the Mandarin Oriental to local fave Michelle Bernstein — who parlayed her 15 minutes of fame into multiple restaurants, TV appearances, and endorsements — his first big task was to put his own stamp on the überposh Brickell Key restaurant while ensuring that Bernstein wasn't really missed. He… More >>
  • Big Bear Brewing Co.

    Best Bar Food

    Big Bear Brewing Co.

    Why is this restaurant here, and if it's here, why's it so good? Way the hell out in the suburban wilds, occupying a space that looks like a barely warmed-over TGIF, the proprietors of Big Bear Brewing Co. are serving up serious pizza — the kind of thin-but-heartily crusted pies that in certain places, the cheese articulates with the crust… More >>
  • Best Predinner Cocktails

    Michelle Bernstein's at the Omphoy - CLOSED

    Sad-but-true story: For its first year in business, the Omphoy had the honest-to-goodness best cocktail in the universe. Top-shelf gin mixed with grapefruit juice into which fresh basil leaves had been thoroughly muddled and the whole thing topped with a splash of Prosecco. De-freaking-lishus. You could tell the Omphoy took pleasure in the beverage, cuz it called it "The Omphoy."… More >>
  • Best Wine Deals

    Il Mercato

    If you're looking for all-the-usual-suspects sort of wines at prices that make armed robbery seem reasonable, don't bother with Mike Lynch's sweet little Hallandale Beach wine bar and café. On the other hand, if you've got a taste for oenological adventure or you just can't stomach one more overoaked California Chardonnay or overpriced Cabernet Sauvignon, then Il Mercato is your… More >>
  • Vivo Partenza

    Best Wine List

    Vivo Partenza - CLOSED

    Restaurant wine lists are often described as "encyclopedic," but no encyclopedia offers the kind of pleasure that perusing the 300-plus-label list at Tony Bova's elegant Vivo Partenza does. Assembled by Bova and director of operations Sande Weinstein, it focuses almost exclusively on the wines of Italy and California, but within those areas is an encyclopedic roster of the best vintages… More >>
  • Best Reason to Renounce Vegetarianism

    Sweetbreads at La Cigale

    If you're going to abandon the One True Faith, be excommunicated from the First Church of the Holy Eggplant of the Blessed Legume, and exchange the heavenly rewards of seitan for the earthly pleasures of Satan, you may as well get as much joy and flavor out of it as possible. And there is no more joyous or flavorful bit… More >>
  • Best Place for Drinks, Not Food

    Rocco's Tacos

    The margaritas at Rocco's, where there's a menu dedicated exclusively to tequila, are so good that you might just quit your job and join a mariachi band. But eating here is awkward — you can't talk to the person across the table without screaming over the Top 40 hits. It's fine if you don't particularly care for your company, but… More >>
  • Best Place to Eat With Your Hands

    Dixie Pig

    Burger joints, soul food restaurants, and taco food trucks are just a few places to eat sans utensils, so what makes Dixie Pig the best place to take off those dainty white gloves? Simply put, it's the sauce. Dixie Pig has been in the same location on Dixie Highway for more than 20 years, so they know a thing or… More >>
  • Maguires Hill 16

    Best Restaurant Renovation

    Maguires Hill 16

    Whether you enter stone sober or three sheets to the wind, walking into Maguires Hill 16 is never a regrettable decision. Over the past three years, the bar has upgraded from a typical dark, Irish pub to an airier, more atmospheric space. The back of the restaurant has been converted into a sleek, intimate bar area that is ideal for… More >>
  • Best Street to Eat Cheap

    Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

    Cruising Andrews Avenue for a bite to eat is a lot like going to Epcot... if Epcot ditched the disco ball, became affordable, and morphed into a long street that ran the length of several large cities. On this strip, you can enjoy food from around the globe, including the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Dirty South,… More >>
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant

    Darbster Waterside Bistro

    Vegetarians aren't exactly a discerning bunch, culinarily speaking. After all, this is a group that chooses by virtue of free will to forgo bacon, steaks, burgers, and all things indelibly yummy. And that's why the hallmark of any great vegetarian restaurant isn't just in its ability to appease those forward-thinking few. It's how firmly it can win over the palates… More >>
  • Mussels Saganaki at Trata Greek Taverna

    Best Value on Las Olas

    Mussels Saganaki at Trata Greek Taverna

    Mussels saganaki (Greek for "a small frying pan") simmer in a fresh tomato sauce with enough feta to meld into every bite without making the dish overly heavy. Figuring in cost and deliciousness, this $11.95 dish is the loveliest and practically the cheapest meal on Las Olas — not a common pairing of qualities on the boulevard of kept men… More >>
  • Best Restaurant in Which to Close the Deal

    Le Patio

    Since the higher forms of life don't use phrases like "close the deal" to describe the commencement of sexual relations, let's assume you're a heterosexual male. If so, then bring your next prospective fling to Le Patio, because doing so will make her think you're: (1) "tolerant" and "open-minded" for bringing her to a restaurant owned and operated by a… More >>
  • Jack Berry of Jack\'s Old Fashion Hamburger House

    Best Culinary Legacy

    Jack Berry of Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger House

    We'll always be grateful to Jack Berry for his old-fashioned hamburgers, which he served in two old-fashioned restaurants and kept in tip-top shape thanks to an old-fashioned work ethic, which Jack passed on to four decades of young employees. Jack died in February at age 82, and he's left behind one of the few bits of idiosyncratic Fort Lauderdale culture… More >>
  • Best Reason to Eat Your Veggies

    D'Angelo Pizza, Wine Bar, Tapas

    In a society that is addicted to burgers, French fries, and high-fructose corn syrup, many Americans tend to view veggies as, well, boring. Luckily, even the most finicky eater can enjoy what D'Angelo has to offer. The tapas menu includes roasted sweet Italian sausage over escarole and beans and broccoli; seasonal vegetables in crispy tempura with a lemon yogurt sauce;… More >>
  • Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich

    Best Place to Cure a Hangover

    Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich

    Your head is throbbing, you wish you could rewind the last 15 hours of your life, and you need comfort. Not doting service or a huge bill — just a  tummyful of grease, spice, juice... and coffee. Decent, unfussy coffee. When you walk in the door of Bravo, the posted menu of Peruvian sandwiches may not read like much of… More >>
  • Texas Hold \'Em BBQ — Downtown

    Best Place to Dine Alone

    Texas Hold 'Em BBQ — Downtown - CLOSED

    Some spots are good for solo dining simply because it isn't actively discouraged. Keeping humiliation to a minimum, these restaurants cater to lively groups and single noshers alike. But at this lunch-and-dinner shack near the courthouse, commingling is all but impossible. Three walls of narrow lunch counter and high stools provide space for your styrofoam-swaddled rib dinner and a sauce-splattered… More >>
  • The Floridian Diner

    Best Place to Dine With Gramps

    The Floridian Diner

    You and Gramps both know you get grumpy with low blood sugar by around 10:30 a.m., and the Floridian Diner, a classic local spot that caters to late-night boozers as well as early risers, is one of the only establishments open for breakfast in the Las Olas area. The food, like the service, is consistently mediocre, but there's no place… More >>
  • P.F. Chang\'s

    Best Gluten-Free Eats

    P.F. Chang's

    What do you get when you combine 24 gluten-free menu items with one of the most popular Chinese chain restaurants in the U.S.? Very happy celiacs. P.F. Chang's recognized the demand for gluten-free menu items long before other big restaurants hopped onboard. A spokeswoman for the chain says the gluten-free items were developed after so many customers had requested them.… More >>
  • Brick House Tavern + Tap

    Best Restaurant for Hotties

    Brick House Tavern + Tap - CLOSED

    A meal at Brick House Tavern and Tap will likely include food, but good luck remembering what you ordered. Only one section of the restaurant is called the "Man Cave," but every inch of the place is literally crawling with slinky, long-legged young women eager to sit down right next to you on a couch-style booth and clear away your… More >>
  • Christopher\'s Kitchen

    Best Vegan/Raw Food Restaurant

    Christopher's Kitchen

    Forget any fears about dry, tasteless, health muck. The grassy, fresh smell of fruits and veggies hits you when you walk in the door. Inside, the dining room is light and airy, with an open, spacious kitchen where you can see everything, including the machines used to dehydrate the bread. The dinner menu is lengthy and varied — zucchini lasagna,… More >>
  • Best Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Bar

    Boo Riley's - CLOSED

    This here is what happens when a bartender buys her place of employment, gives it a makeover, and throws parties as often as possible. Boo, the aforementioned bartender, is a five-foot-two-inch blond bombshell who dispenses hugs like candy and doesn't have "patrons" — she just has a shitload lot of drinkin' buddies. Whether you come in for the rowdy company,… More >>
  • PRL Euro Café

    Best Hollywood Neighborhood Bar

    PRL Euro Café

    PRL Euro was one of South Florida's first serious beer bars, crammed as it is into a narrow little space on Hollywood Boulevard. The place is friendly, and the bottle list is staggering — on some nights, there could be 140 brews between the taps and bottles, including a few fancy ciders. There's a heavy emphasis on Belgian, German, and… More >>
  • East Coast BBQ

    Best Barbecue

    East Coast BBQ - CLOSED

    Slaving over an oven that spews thick, resinous clouds of wood smoke is an arduous task, one reserved only for the most passionate. That's why good barbecue is all about passion — the love of the craft, the desire to rise above mediocrity and produce a truly exceptional product. That's the driving force at Pompano's East Coast BBQ. This hidden… More >>

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