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  • Best Place to Drink in Flip-Flops

    Water Taxi

    Flip-flops are the quintessential shoe choice for most Floridians, but when alcohol is involved, they're not the safest. Feet are stepped on, toes get stubbed, broken glass causes all sorts of debauchery... it's just not a good situation to be in. But when drinking beachside, wearing sandy sneakers isn't so ideal either. This is where the Water Taxi swoops in… More >>
  • Best Seafood Restaurant

    City Fish Market

    All right-thinking people can agree that restaurant chains are an abomination before God, man, and Bobby Flay. Boca's City Fish Market is, yes, a chain restaurant, one of two City Fish Markets of the Atlanta-based Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and one of the firm's 14 upscale eateries in Georgia and South Florida. On the other hand, you can't argue with… More >>
  • Little India

    Best Indian Market

    Little India

    The first thing you notice is the wide, brightly lit aisles. This is an ethnic grocery with a definite Boca flair. Everything you desire is lined up in neat, clean rows: chana dal masala spices, mango pickles, beet root and ginger chutney, roti. There are snacks called "bitter gourd spicy chips" and jalapeño chakri. Everything is so abundant, you don't… More >>
  • Rock-A-Billy Tattoo

    Best Tattoo Shop

    Rock-A-Billy Tattoo

    Once upon a time, the tattoo industry was associated with a few things: sailors, bikers, and criminals. But oh, how the times have changed. In today's society, tattoos have become a pop-culture trend appearing on everything from clothing to even our own moms. But tattoos are more than a trend; they're a lifelong decision to decorate your body with beautiful… More >>
  • Best Farmers' Market

    West Palm Beach Green Market

    It's not California, but for South Florida, it ain't half-bad. Actually, the West Palm Beach Green Market, which in May completed its 16th season of bringing its farm to your table, is pretty goddamned good. As local palates evolved and eating fresh, local, and seasonal became more than just a cliché, the market evolved too. Though purveyors of quality artisanal… More >>
  • Jezebel

    Best Boutique


    In Gateway Plaza, a mermaid riding a lobster catches your eye, beckoning you to come closer and explore what's behind the doors at Jezebel. Upon entering, an overwhelming feeling of joy will hit you: You've just met the best friend you've been searching for all your life. Jezebel is the one who's always there for you in all the toughest… More >>
  • Best Consignment Shop

    Déjà Vu Consignment

    Consignment shops often remind people of Miss Haversham, a musky room filled with moth-chewed clothing, and dusty antiques provoking sneeze attacks. However, hidden in Pompano Beach is Déjà Vu Consignment, a delightful little shop that puts all those negative stereotypes to rest. For more than 25 years, Déjà Vu Consignment has supplied local fashion connoisseurs with eclectic styling options. Racks… More >>
  • Radio-Active Records

    Best Record Store

    Radio-Active Records

    Purchasing music at Radio-Active Records still feels good. Unlike stores that would be just as happy to sell you a flat-screen television or a Twilight paperback, this spot is where everyone — buyers and sellers alike — is all about the records. Stow a pile of choice discs behind the front counter until payday if you must, but it's likely… More >>
  • Best Gift Shop

    To the Moon

    To the Moon's dedicated-bordering-on-psycho proprietor, Antonio Dumas, not only curates the store's Eurotreats, candies, chocolates, and greeting cards but also its many shelves full of novelty knickknacks. Need a Rolling Stones coffee mug? A talking rubber nun for your dashboard? A beer bong with a detachable penis nozzle? All of these things have passed through Dumas' little store on Wilton… More >>
  • Covenant House Florida

    Best Place to Donate Clothing

    Covenant House Florida

    Since 1985, Covenant House Florida has provided a safe haven for homeless and runaway youth, including teen parents and their babies. The Fort Lauderdale crisis center never closes the door, offering at-risk teens food, shelter, and, most recently, on-site educational services and substance-abuse programs. Covenant House then strives to help these kids transition back into the world, including finding them… More >>
  • Sasaya Japanese Market

    Best Asian Market

    Sasaya Japanese Market

    The Japanese Market is a great one-stop shop for people adept at cooking Asian food — but it's an especially excellent find for the culinarily challenged among us. A sushi bar in the back serves affordable nigiri, sashimi, and rolls that are too tasty and beautiful for their styrofoam plates. Then again, it's a humble joint, and that's part of… More >>
  • Best New Trend

    Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

    The gourmet frozen yogurt craze spread from Los Angeles to New York like a bad rash throughout the past few years, but it almost completely skipped South Florida — until recently. Within the past year, the self-serve frozen yogurt trend has grown to cupcake proportions — and it's not as though our climate doesn't warrant the late-blooming craze. Cream, on… More >>

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