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Best Bar Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Whiskey Tango

Whiskey Tango

Whiskey Tango

1903 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood, FL 33020


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Whiskey Tango is a common term in military circles to describe white trash, and the owners of the all-American bar and grill bearing the same name revel in that fact. Advertised as redneck cool, trailer-park fabulous, and white-trash chic, WT is clearly aiming for a clientele more concerned about good food and drink than paying attention to the labels on their clothing. Two pool tables, an electronic-touch poker table, a boxing machine, steel-tipped darts, a basketball hoop, and more than a dozen high-definition televisions prove WT is the sports mecca of downtown Hollywood.

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Honest Abe
Honest Abe

They should have been disqualified for cheating in the last poll. You caught them redhanded and still let them enter again. This says a lot about your credibility.


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