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Best Breakfast Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House

Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House

Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House

333 Himmarshee St.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


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Let's get one thing straight: This isn't diner food. At this nook in the Himmarshee district, crisp home fries nestle beside deep-green, sautéed spinach, creating a bed for eggs so fresh that their yolks are orange. This Technicolor breakfast is made decadent by an oversized slice of bread from Gran Forno bakery, lovingly slathered with plenty of butter. OB-House offers exceptional ingredients, creative dishes, and a skillet pancake that will satiate even the biggest carb lover. The tone is set by clean and bright décor, fresh flowers on each table, and a soundtrack of Johnny Cash and Simon and Garfunkel. Attentive service is a bonus. What an indulgent way to start the day.

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Ely David
Ely David

Ted I have sent you and rodney many Cd's of bob dylan and a lot of other goodie oldies like : Billy Holiday ,Johm lennon and some more that just sit around collecting dust. Hope you enjoy and will find use for them. Maybe someday i will be able to enjoy a well prepared breakfast and enjoy the music and the tastefully decorated Restaurant. 

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

difinetly deserved, and with the new dinner hours and extended menu i see the OB House winning multiple catagories next year, and thank you for mentioning the music, the best i ever heard, bob dylan, the band, neil, van, cat, and on and on!!!


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