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Best Brewpub Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Big Bear Brewing Co.

Big Bear Brewing Co.

Big Bear Brewing Co.

1800 University Drive

Coral Springs, FL 33065


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A great brewpub doesn't force good beer to make up for mediocre food. Big Bear's huge menu goes beyond standard bar food, featuring fancy vittles like steak, seafood, volcano shrimp, and "Brie pillows." But the burgers remain a must-try; wash 'em down with an eight-beer sampler (eight types of beer are brewed in-house) for $8.50 and you're having a good night. The atmosphere has the dimly lit, cloth-napkin feel of a much more expensive restaurant with the din (and giant metal tanks) of a more rough-and-tumble brewery. Combine that with quick service and you've got a happy dinner experience.

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