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Best Dance Club Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Round Up Country Western Club

Round Up Country Western Club

Round Up Country Western Club

9020 W. State Road 84

Davie, FL 33324


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Located out in our version of the west, in Davie, just off of State Road 84, Round Up offers South Florida country lovers a big ol' break from the bustle of electronic and booty music and a place to line up and show off their slick moves. You'll find gunslingers in cowboy boots and country girls in daisy dukes. Round Up's huge dance floor accommodates the regular twinkle toes and newcomers looking for a rollicking party. There's also a number of big-name country-friendly acts that stop through to perform, like Uncle Kracker. Come on; where else can you get bottle service and dance lessons all while dressed like John Wayne?

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OMG this place is so over!  I was there a few weeks ago and it was DEAD!  Have you been there lately?  There whole "fun" crowd is at Cowboys.  You should have done more research better.  This place sucks and the people are even ruder than before!


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