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Best Hole in the Wall Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - The Hut Lounge & Package Store

The Hut Lounge & Package Store

The Hut Lounge & Package Store

1021 Seminole Drive

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


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This actually is a hole in the wall, and you wouldn't notice it but for the small sign sticking out into a side street, bearing the word HUT in plain lettering. There's something about bars next to package stores — if you're farther north in Wilton Manors, you'd do well to stop by Red's — that provides a genuine friendliness that 10,000 hipsters couldn't manufacture or reproduce. The bar here circles the middle of the room like a welcoming sandbar for battered ships, open daily at 7 in the morning. Unlike most nightlife spots, this one isn't unbearably seedy in the daytime; its day-shift bartenders are just as good as the night ones, though the bullshit detectors will be turned up high. Be sure to say hi to Zero, the guy who looks like Einstein (he owns the place), and peep the many photos of his travels around the world while you say goodbye to one light beer after another and shuffle over to the shuffleboard, then back to your barstool, then finally into the daylight to go back to work.

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ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

wow, being a fort lauderdale native, born in 56, been going here FOREVER, i am a dive bar junkie, i love the circle bar, makes talking and people watching easier, the nickname used to be THE RUT!!! but a great choice, very local's only!!


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