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Best Of Winner

Best Lake Worth Neighborhood Bar

Havana Hideout

Just as Lake Worth stubbornly refuses to shower, shave, and dress up for tourists, Havana Hideout remains an ungentrified gem. Sand crunches beneath your flip-flops when you sit at picnic tables shielded by thatched tiki huts. Beer and sangria are served in plastic cups, and there's no gin or tonic...
Best Of Winner

Best Lake Worth Neighborhood Bar

Little Owl Bar

The stretch of Dixie Highway from West Palm to Boynton Beach is a wonderland of dive bars: the Office, Harry's Banana Farm. But the Little Owl Bar is the coziest, with its mix of blue-collar Budweiser drinkers and the Lake Worth progressive set (you shall know them by nose rings...

The Violet West Brings the Psychedelic to Artoberfest in Lake Worth

6 months ago by Alex Rendon
If you're like us, chances are you're still in deep recovery mode from Saturday night's Respectable Street's 27th anniversary shebang. You've had a few days to pull yourself up by your party bootstraps and get ready for another rocking block party. The Fourth Annual Artoberfest this Saturday will have 16...
Best Of Winner

Best Neighborhood Bar in Central Palm

The Dirty Dwarf Pub

Dirty and dwarf -- not the two most attractive words in the English lexicon. In fact, we'd have to say that the owners are kind of, um, brave to name their establishment the Dirty Dwarf Pub. But in a world full of fake tiki bars and Bennigans look-alikes, the Dwarf...

Lake Worth Bumpkins Maneuver the Best and Worst of South Beach

6 years ago by Gail Shepherd
We nickname him Helmut the Pool Nazi. He's six feet tall, thin as a skewer, his managerial pate shaved clean, and he holds our happiness in the palm of his hand. That hand, which doles out precious access to towels and deck chairs, is mostly balled into fists of rage...
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