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Best Mediterranean Restaurant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Sefa Turkish Mediterranean Grill

Sefa Turkish Mediterranean Grill

Sefa Turkish Mediterranean Grill

165 NE 2nd Ave.

Delray Beach, FL 33444


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Entering this space, you may feel like you've wandered into the living room of a family member — a hip but slightly eccentric favorite aunt, perhaps. A splash of bright-pink paint here, a Victorian-style couch there, and small clusters of people everywhere giggling over glasses of wine and ripping apart pieces of pita to dip into dollops of creamy baba ghanouj and garlic-laced tabbouleh. The familial vibe makes sense; owner-chef Numan Unsal is joined by two of his sisters in operating the Pineapple Grove venue. Together, they turn out fun Turkish dishes with a subtlety that you won't find at other paint-by-numbers tourist Greek joints that dot the coastline.

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Wow, sounds like a great retreat from the run of the mill steak and burger joints in Delray. I have heard great things about Sefa, mostly word of mouth from friends but also allot of great reviews from magazines, including this one. I am sure to be this week and if it is a good as touted, will become a regular.


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