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Best Of Winner

Best Place to Eat Every Day

11th Street Annex

The two sisters who run this homey little lunch spot think menus are boring, so they don't offer one. Instead, they write four or five choices on the "specials" board every day and trust that their customers are equally weary of the same old, same old. Falling into a rut...
Best Of Winner

Best Place to Eat Every Day

Zona Fresca

Seriously, it'll drive your friends and co-workers crazy, but you really can go to Zona Fresca every day and never tire of this independent eatery's fresh Cali-Mex fare: fish tacos on Monday, steak burrito on Tuesday, char-broiled chili rellenos on Wednesday, quesadillas stuffed with cheese and cut-from-the-cob corn on Thursday,...
Best Of Winner

Best Place to Lunch Every Day

Charcuterie Too

Downtown Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of restaurants, from basic sandwich shops to upscale eateries that morph into clubs at night. Yet those of us who work and live in this panoply of gustatory diversity somehow still find ourselves wondering what the hell we're going to eat for lunch. Many...

Eat Lionfish at the 2012 Palm Beach Lionfish Derby

3 years ago by Nicole Danna
Like the lions that roam the African planes, the lions of the ocean are mighty predators.Well, not really. But these ferociously finned nonnative fish have managed to eat our tropical reefs bare.Which is why Key Largo-based REEF -- short for Reef Environmental Education Foundation -- has launched a series of...
Best Of Winner

Best Place to Spend a Rainy Day

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Millions of years from now, when archaeologists are trying to figure out how we lived circa 2012, they need only unearth the site of the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Our entire culture can be deduced from a Marshalls, a Best Buy Mobile, and a SuperTarget, plus a 23-screen theater with IMAX...
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