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Best Place to Meet Lesbians

New Moon

If smiles are at all contagious, there is one clear, sparkling reason that New Moon is a favorite "gayborhood" hangout for ladies who love to show off their pearly whites. Owner Carol Moran, whom one loyal patron describes as a "peach," sports a perma-smile bright enough to light the pages...
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Best Place to Meet Intelligent Lesbians

Compass GLCC Lending Library

Some you've already fallen in love with. Others will be entirely new. But if you're feeling lonely, any of these ladies will gladly go home with you for an uncomplicated romp. The smart gay girls you'll meet on the shelves at the Compass lending library include novelists Sarah Schulman, Sarah...
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Best Place to Meet Single Lesbians


Stork's again! Unlike most queer joints, Stork's has a poly-chromosomal clientele, and everybody's better for it. Viva la difference...
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Best Place to Meet Intelligent Lesbians

The Women's Theatre Project at the Sixth Star Studios

To be fair, most of the people you'll meet at the Women's Theatre Project are not lesbians. Hell, they might not even be women — though there's usually a chick-dominated crowd, there are some nights when the WTP audience is an even split. But plenty of lesbians do show up,...

Best Place for Girls to Meet Girls

California is renowned for its tofu-and-granola lesbians, but there seem to be more vegetarian lesbians per capita in South Florida than in Los Angeles and San Francisco combined. Pick your type -- Birkenstock, butch, lipstick, or new age -- and she'll be roaming the aisles at the Fort Lauderdale Whole...
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