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Best Place to Stumble Off a Boat for a Meal Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Southport Raw Bar

Southport Raw Bar

Southport Raw Bar

1536 Cordova Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


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Hey, nice boat. Seriously. How many feet? It's a real beauty. Hey, if you're around one weekend, and want to hang out... we can go fishing or something. Then, when we're good and sunburned and haven't caught any fish, we can cruise on down toward the 17th Street Causeway and turn in toward Southport, a shining beacon at the end of the canal. The inside is fishy dive bar; the outside is more backyard picnic. The seafood options wash in on a tide of cold, cheap beer: raw or steamed clams, raw oysters (shucked to order), fried shrimp, conch fritters, a couple of chowders and soups. The fresh, simple, possibly alive options are better than more processed creations (don't bother with the stuffed clams). Over cracking cephalopods and fizzing beer, conversation and daydreaming are the dominant pursuits: The TVs are too small to bother with, so the real entertainment is right there in front of you. Us. Together. Just enjoying a day out on your boat.

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ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

an instatution in fort laudy, fantastic food, cool servers and bartenders, a great choice, a usual spot on my rare day off!!