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Best Rock Band Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Community Property

Named Best Of Live Band by in 2010, Community Property has gone undefeated in every South Florida battle of the band in which it's participated. Proud to be "Sunrise boys," Community Property has been rocking in Broward for six years now. The band's frontman, Lucien Sawyer, writes all the lyrics, and the band comes up with melodies. In addition to Jimi Hendrix comparisons, Community Property brings together a wealth of dirty blues and soul that will run you as ragged as any Black Keys guitar romp. Keep your ears peeled; the band will be dropping a self-titled album this summer.

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Oski Gonzalez
Oski Gonzalez

I have been telling folks about these cats. They make that music that folk say... they don't make music like that anymore... think Sly and The Family, Marvin Gay and John Legend all in one. Congratulations! I hope you guys do not move to LA.


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