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Best Of Winner

Best Swap Shop Vendor

The Man Cave

In our world of Kmarts and Targets, big business has sucked the fun out of shopping. Little Timmy is no longer excited for a Sunday trip to Walmart, where he'll shuffle through fluorescent aisles, surrounded by dozens of bland, marked-down products and giant butts squeezed into electric scooters. And can...
Best Of Winner

Best Swap Shop Vendor

Celebrity Bright Smile

Walk past the twirling yellow Ferrari and tilting silver Porsche. Cut through the rows of designer knockoffs, Bob Marley beach towels, and assorted ninja weapons. Then hang a right toward booth AA24, a shimmering beacon of dental cosmetics plopped in the melting pot of Fort Lauderdale — the Swap Shop...

The Black Locust Society Swap Shop

3 years ago by Betsey J. Denberg
If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve got a garage, house, or closet filled with knickknacks and trinkets from yesteryear that just aren’t getting any love. You’re hoarding, and, c’mon, do you really want the folks over at A&E showing up at your doorstep with an entire camera crew?...

The Sultan of Swap

17 years ago by Sean Rowe
On first approach the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop looks like 80 acres of chaos. Five miles west of the ocean, 2000 vendors show up long before sunrise to sell everything from pig snouts to home mortgages. Some of the sellers are full-time pros bent on millionairehood. Some are onetime garage-sale...

Metal305 Hosts Black Sunday Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet at Churchill's Pub

2 years ago by Liz Tracy
You ever think to yourself: Damn, I wish I could find an exhaust pipe for my vintage Vespa. And like at the same time I'm buying it, listen to music, sell these old brake levers I have lying around, and hang out with other people who ride motorcycles? Maybe at...
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