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Best TV Reporter Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Bob Norman

Bob Norman is adept at pissing people off. In February, the Broward Sheriff's Office labeled Norman as "cocky" in an incident report suggesting that the Channel 10 reporter was creeping around and filming illegally at the Pine Hollow Equestrian Center. A month later, Norman found himself in a pushing match with a mustached foreman at the Sun Recycling plant in Pompano Beach. In that instance, BSO actually had to come out to the scene to get Norman's microphone back from the foreman, who ran back onto private property when he seized the stick. This bulldog mentality and a ridiculous level of insider knowledge combine to make Norman tops when it comes to South Florida television reporters. Yes, Norman is a former New Times columnist. And no, we're not above playing favorites, but this award comes courtesy of Norman's old-school, shoe-leather-burning reporting.

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URKidding, right?
URKidding, right?

you are kidding right?  He's been a reporter for a year and he's the "best?"  He looks like he rolled out of bed.  And he doesn't ever tell the entire story, leaving out important facts and makes stuff one-sided.  What about Ross Palombo or John Turchin who uncover major stories on 10 all the time?   How about Michele Gillen or Jim DeFede on CBS4?  Or Carmel Cafiero on Channel 7? Now she's a great reporter.  Hell, even a general assignment reporter like Steve Litz on NBC 6 runs circles around Bob.  Norman needs to go back to being a blogger so the 40 or so folks who like him can follow his stuff and the rest of us don't have to fast forward through his lame reports on TV.  


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