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Best Website for Spying on Cops Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 -

The gossip here is juicy. Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies dish anonymously about everything from a high-profile murder case to a lieutenant with an alleged pain-pill addiction. Founded by Mark Dougan, an ex-deputy who left the force in 2008, makes no attempt to hide its contempt for Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. On the messageboards, it's tough to sort fact from fiction. But some of the most helpful info comes from the documents Dougan has posted on the site — the probable-cause affidavit in the pain-pill case, purchase orders showing that the Sheriff's Office spent more than $60,000 on barbecue grills, a copy of an internal-affairs complaint filed against Bradshaw. Although the site offers no smoking gun, it is a rare window into the internal politics of a sheriff's office few outsiders would otherwise glimpse. After all, it's fun to spy on the cops once in a while.

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Mark Dougan
Mark Dougan

Heyyyy! I'm famous! Where do I come to collect my award? Sweet! Just to clarify, I hold no contempt for Sheriff Bradshaw - I've never actually met the man. I hold contempt he acts like a scumbag when he's out stealing guns from evidence (it's documented as the Gabbard deposition), out spending taxpayer money ob BBQ grills used at his fund raisers and I most certainly have contempt that he's sheltering the criminal element within PBSO. Thanks for the award! I'd like to thank...


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