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Best White-Collar Criminal Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2012 - Larry Tibbs

Most white-collar criminals 'round these parts are in it for the money — in the case of former Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director Larry Tibbs, however, the achievement isn't in how much he stole but how much he invented. To hide just how bad the city was at the whole "having money" thing, Tibbs used every trick in the book and several that weren't: He said the city was going to make money from sources that didn't exist, made up numbers for sources that did exist, and pilfered cash from sources that belonged to other people, according to an investigation by the Broward Office of the Inspector General. An all-star effort; any town looking to lie to taxpayers and bounce checks to the sheriff's office would be lucky to have him.

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How dare you?! First of all, you SERIOUSLY need to fact check before you go posting crap that is untrue. Mr. Tibbs was investigated and nothing came of it. Nothing. The OIG report you refer to mentioned a whole host of folks, not just him. While some of the things that were done under the oversight of Anita Fain-Taylor as the City Manager and the City Commission who ultimately signed off on every single budget (indicating their approval) were IMPROPER, not illegal so you start with a retraction on that. Second, Mr. Tibbs left Lauderdale Lakes in how exactly is even up for this award? You really fact checked your data, didn't you? Lastly, have you at all been paying attention to Chaz Stevens' blog ( Instead of being a lazy scumbag "journalist" why don't you put forth the effort to nominate someone who not only has had an OIG report all about his ILLEGAL activities that were proven and substantiated by the authorities, such as Mr. Jonathan Allen? Get off your backside New Times, and do proper research before slandering folks. Wait, what am I saying? Everyone already knows you are such a beacon of journalistic integrity...isn't that why you are given away free and supported by call girl ads and bars.  


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