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Grammy Awards 2013 10 Most WTF Moments

2 years ago by Liz Tracy
The best South Florida moment of last night's 2013 Grammy awards was when Pitbull snuck in his signature catchphrase during his presentation, saying: "These are the nominees for the best solo performance. Dale!" God, that guy's great. Dale, truly, Mr. Worldwide.  Last night, we, along with the whole rest of...

A Walk on the Creative Side

2 months ago by Abel Folgar
At this point, Flagler Art Technology Village’s art walk on the last Saturday of the month has become one of the best monthly offerings in Broward’s rapidly rising art scene profile. This art walk is the first of the year and should be an enormously joyous time for the fine...

Green Eyeshade Award Winners

7 years ago by Bob Norman
The winners of the Green Eyeshade Awards, the 11-state south regional Society of Professional Journalism competition, are listed after the jump. Congratulations to the local winners in the 11-state competition, including my own pub's Thomas Francis and Brandon K. Thorp. Of particular note is that the top award in the...

Best Of Broward / Palm Beach® 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, New Times began a search for the best South Florida has to offer. In this distant past, there was lots of beach time and not much else. Our first Best of Broward/Palm Beach ® issue gave the people hope. They...

City of Boynton Beach Shuts Down Popular Monthly BBAD Art Walk

8 months ago by Alex Rendon
UPDATE: After talks with Boynton Beach's city manager and the chiefs of the police and fire departments, the monthly BBAD Art Walk is back on. On October 23, 2014, the event will celebrate its fourth anniversary. Four years ago, up-and-coming artist and gallery owner Rolando Barrero had a vision to...
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