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Best Brewery Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2013 - Due South Brewing

Due South Brewing

Due South Brewing

2900 High Ridge Road

Boynton Beach, FL 33426


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"I really want to drink some skunky imported beer tonight," said no one ever. Instead, you want good fresh beer, and you want it cheap. Due South Brewing helps fulfill those lofty goals of not drinking bad beer. The brewery is a full-production affair, so don't mind the giant fermenters and conditioning tanks. There are no secrets as to what goes in the brew: You can literally see the sacks of grains and hops, and, most important, taste the difference in beer quality when it needs to move only 100 feet from where it's brewed to where it's poured. It's inexpensive as well, with 12-ounce pours starting at $3.50 and 16-ounce pints (actual pints, not those fake 14-ounce glasses) at $4.50. There's enough space in the tap room and the main space to hold upward of 100 people, but most of the time, you'll find just a couple of dozen locals enjoying a cold one and a game of cornhole. For those looking to grab some fresh beer on the way home from work, growler fills are available. With new beer creations flowing in and out, food trucks stopping by weekly, and the nicest and most enthusiastic staff, you're bound to find yourself making this industrial-style business your hangout.

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Love this place! Well deserved. Tequesta and the Buddha are great places too and we should all drink local whenever we can, but Due South's beer is amazing! Love that Caramel Cream Ale. We've got a group that meets there almost every weekend for the food trucks & beer. Everyone is so friendly, even when the cornhole competion gets heated, the atmosphere makes it so easy to chill.


This place ain't bad but it ranks a distant 3rd to Tequesta Brewing and the Funky Buddha Lounge in my most humble opinion. Don't believe it? just look and see where the lines are at any beerfest and/or try them for yourself. Sorry Mike.


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