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Feed Your Fetish

2 years ago by Rebecca McBane
Stick and stones may break your bones, but whatever gets you off, baby. Whether you’re into leather or animal-friendly pleather, whips and chains, or just being told what a naughty, naughty boy you’ve been, there’s something for everyone at the Fetish Factory’s 18-Year Fetish Weekend in Fort Lauderdale. Fetishists are...

Grammy Awards 2013 10 Most WTF Moments

2 years ago by Liz Tracy
The best South Florida moment of last night's 2013 Grammy awards was when Pitbull snuck in his signature catchphrase during his presentation, saying: "These are the nominees for the best solo performance. Dale!" God, that guy's great. Dale, truly, Mr. Worldwide.  Last night, we, along with the whole rest of...

fun. and Tegan and Sara Bring "Most Nights" 2013 Tour to Boca Raton

2 years ago by Betsey Denberg
It's only February and 2013 already has been a big year for the indie rock band fun. In addition to having music featured on HBO's Girls -- lead singer Jack Antonoff is dating the creator and star Lena Dunham -- the band took home two Grammy Awards for best new...
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