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Best Fetish Night Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2013 - Green Room Black Fridays

Green Room Black Fridays

Green Room Black Fridays

109 SW 3rd Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


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Sometimes, you just gotta shake off the shackles of your Range Rover-driving, Lacoste-wearing, martini-drinking bourgeois life and let your freak flag fly. It's times like these when you'll want to head behind the proverbial curtain at the Green Room's Black Fridays. There, you'll find everything from tutu'd dudes in platform dominatrix boots to ponytailed goths with horns and face tattoos. Hello Kitty bondage gear? Cosplay makeup? Furries? Whatever you're into, it's probably here. On the dance floor, the black-leather-clad crew will be grooving to EDM and postpunk tunes. Anything goes. Everyone's moving to the beat of his or her own drum, so whip out those interpretive dance moves and shed your self-consciousness. If there's any place to let loose, it's here. Whatever you do, better leave your judgments at the door. Here, everyone's free to be. So go in with one key rule in mind: Don't rule anything out. YOLO, baby.

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We really appreciate the write up, and the award, but we are NOT a fetish night.  We are an alternative dance night, we do not allow bondage play, we do not have any dungeon equipment, we dont allow serious play.  The only similarity is the clothing, and some of the music.


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