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Ten Movies to Watch in 2013 in Theaters, on Demand, or Wherever

2 years ago by Melissa Anderson
Most of the blathering last year about the death of film and film culture has already evaporated from the mind, like so much inert gas. But one gnomic pronouncement endures: Leos Carax describing cinema as "a beautiful island with a cemetery" following the world premiere of Holy Motors at Cannes...
Best Of Winner

Best Movie Theater

Cinema Paradiso

For almost 30 years, Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale has been the home of FLIFF — the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. This monthlong fall festival is no slouch, playing films that are making their world premieres or have played only at Cannes; films that will go on to win...

The Best Films of 2013

1 year ago by Amy Nicholson
Toasting computer love, a genocide musical, and a Midwestern odyssey - [Or: "The Best of 2013: Take Two" or something if you're running both Amy's and Stephanie's lists] I could write a Shakespearean sonnet about each film on my Top 10 of 2013, but we know we're all here for...

Best Damn Movies of 2006

8 years ago by Nikki Finke
It's official: Hollywood has run out of original ideas. If you thought 2006 was bad, just wait. In 2007, the studios will give up on birthing blockbusters and instead concentrate on cloning them, with sequel after sequel after sequel. Familiar titles will be followed by so many numbers that filmgoers...

The 2013 Village Voice Film Poll

In 2013 there were a thousand bright lights and no strong center — even with Gravity, which ranked No. 8 on our tally of almost 100 critics' bests. The results in this year's Village Voice Film Poll, like the decisions arrived at by critics' circles around the country, suggest that...
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