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Miami Web Awards 2013: Calling for Nominations

2 years ago by Jose D. Duran
It's back! The New Times' Miami Web Awards are here to pick the best of the web. Who's the Funniest Twitterer? Who can lay claim to Meme of the Year or Best Viral Video? Can you choose just one Food Instagram User who has you salivating when you look at...

Grammy Awards 2013 10 Most WTF Moments

2 years ago by Liz Tracy
The best South Florida moment of last night's 2013 Grammy awards was when Pitbull snuck in his signature catchphrase during his presentation, saying: "These are the nominees for the best solo performance. Dale!" God, that guy's great. Dale, truly, Mr. Worldwide.  Last night, we, along with the whole rest of...

Is Miami Herald Land Sale Inevitable?

8 years ago by Bob Norman
In his column in Ocean Drive this month, Brett Sokol profiles developer David Edelstein, who was part of a group that in 2005 bought about 10 acres surrounding the Miami Herald for $190 million. It really does seem only a matter of time that the Herald relocates. Here's a key...

2013 Las Olas Wine and Food Festival: Tickets on Sale Now

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
If you're reading this, you have to like food. And you probably like wine. Which means you are most likely highly interested in the upcoming 18th Annual Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. The event is coming up April 19, and tickets are on sale now.See also:- A Wedding Cake...

The American Fine Wine Competition: Tickets on Sale Now

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Fun fact: South Florida is second largest wine consumption market in the country. That can mean one of two things; we have a ton of drunks, or a large population of individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. Let's go with the latter.If you're a wino or just an...
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