Food & Drink

  • Best Bartender

    Jacques "Bleubird" Bruna

    Jacques Bruna is a man of many hats. A musician, a lyricist, a friend, a family man. In this case, Jacques (or "Bleubird") is a bartender, and a damned fine one at that. Working at Laser Wolf for just a little under a year, Jacques tends bar "to make helicopter cash," he says. Still, Bruna takes pride in his work,… More >>
  • Best Pizza

    Annie's Pizza & Subs of Margate

    No category is more hotly contested than Best Pizza. Everyone has an opinion, and with so many former New Yorkers living in our midst, most of those opinions are negative. (We get it. New York has the best pizza.) But Annie's Pizza & Subs meets all the requirements for a perfect pie: Slices are bigger than your face. There's a… More >>
  • Best Falafel

    Falafel Gourmet Mediterranean Market

    Run by Mohod Flafil and his wife, Hanna, this is not just a falafel stand. The goods here range from yogurt soda to hookah tobacco to halal meats from the deli. If you've been hunting down a rare ingredient or craving some baklava, this well-organized, clean, brightly lit little shop is the place to stop. Then, of course, there's the… More >>
  • Best Burger

    3rd & 3rd

    Tucked away in a converted house on the outskirts of Delray Beach's Pineapple Grove is the juiciest, meatiest, most delicious burgers that can be found in South Florida. On the corner of NE Third Street and Third Avenue, the appropriately named 3rd & 3rd creates burger magic. A firm brioche bun cradles a perfectly seared patty of luscious beef with… More >>
  • Best French Fries

    Gilbert's 17th Street Grill

    Traditional fries have an old-school appeal that means they'll always be the most popular kid in school: the quarterback, the letterman, the prom king. But like the intense, art-school loner who charms all the ladies, there's something special about the orange-hued uniqueness of a sweet-potato fry. And when they're hand-cut and fried to a light, gentle crisp, it's easy to… More >>
  • Best Sushi


    You've had your fake-crab California roll a million times. Sure, you like it. And yeah, it's comforting — the blankie of sushi. Well, kids, it's time to grow up in the world of Japanese cuisine. There are things going on outside that Americanized roll universe that you couldn't even dream. Like Imoto's special nigiri. Sticky yet downy mounds of rice… More >>
  • Best Sandwich

    Chimney House's Chicken Sandwich

    Most of the time, you're getting a bland, gristly, dried-out piece of meat on a plain old soggy kaiser with lettuce and cheese. Not exactly the epitome of an exciting culinary experience. And then there's the Latin-inspired chicken sandwich of the Chimney House. Flaky warm ciabatta bread encases tender, marinated chicken breast; creamy queso fresco; bright, garlicky chimichurri; lettuce; and… More >>
  • Best Salad

    The Cheese Course

    "Let them eat cheese." That was totally a passage in the Bible, right? Because Jesus was definitely on the Brie train. Either way, it's no secret that the allure of cheesy goodness has been tempting mankind for centuries. So if you're craving some of that dairy deliciousness, stroll into the low-key storefront of the Cheese Course. Take a gander at… More >>
  • Best Bagel

    The Amsterdam Toast at Urban Rustic Bagel

    The Amsterdam Toast ($6.50) is a funny name for a bagel sandwich, but it might be the key to world peace. This bagel is filled with Gouda cheese, red onions, and hard-boiled eggs and topped with tomato sauce before it's pressed and heated, thereby merging all the ingredients together. Speaking to the server, we learn that in Israel, hot-pressing a… More >>
  • Best Breakfast


    In Pineapple Grove, just a few blocks north of Delray's restaurant-saturated Atlantic Avenue, you'll find Christina's, and if it's a weekend, you'll also probably find a wait. It shouldn't be too long, though — the staff at Christina's knows how to hustle. The bright, tropical décor is perfect for a sunny South Florida morning. The dress code is Florida casual… More >>
  • Best Brunch

    Kristof's Kafe

    Brunch is a delicate dance. The eats must be heavy enough to absorb excess alcohol from the night before yet light enough to keep you from falling into a daylong food coma. The meal needs to serve as a cure-all for your many ills and provide proper sustenance for the day to boot. Kristof's Kafé has it down. Here, there… More >>
  • Best Milk Shake


    Relish may be known for its burgers, but a certain distinction should be made for its milk shakes — all 14 to 17 of them. "Rich and creamy" doesn't even begin to describe them. Made with ice cream, they're thick enough to make even competitive eaters think twice about ordering seconds. The list includes cookies 'n' cream, chocolate cherry, bananas… More >>
  • Best Desserts

    Florida Snow Factory

    This new ice cream parlor and dessert shop is sweet-tooth overkill. What to order? The snow cones, made with fresh-shaved ice using old-fashioned, hand-operated, ice-cutting machines? Soft-serve frozen yogurt, offered in hundreds of flavors? Or handmade ice cream cookie sandwiches? The bestsellers are the shaved ice, with more than a dozen flavor combinations like strawberries and cream or Dreamsicle. Both… More >>
  • Best Burrito

    Taco Prince

    Historians say the burrito as we know it came into being in California — not Mexico — sometime during the 19th Century. No one can say, "What? That's not an authentic burrito!" because the burrito is still evolving. So Taco Prince commits no culinary sin by including French fries — in addition to carne asada, guacamole, avocado slices, pico de… More >>
  • Best Hot Dog


    In a place with a large population of transplanted New Yorkers, calling this yellow-school-bus-looking food truck PS561 was a pretty smart marketing move. Transplanting Sabrett hot dogs (every New Yorker's favorite) and grilling them inside said food truck was an even better move. The rather legendary 100-percent-beef dogs are the kind of links that other, lesser tubes of meat aspire… More >>
  • Best Chicken Wings

    Kapow! Noodle Bar

    Chicken wings. They're symbolic of all things American: football, daytime drinking, the great city of Buffalo, fried food. While we love ourselves a good ol' piece of 'Murica, times are a-changin'. Wings are no longer limited to mild, medium, hot, or atomic. Kapow! Noodle Bar has ushered in a new dawn of chicken wings with Vietnamese-style treats. Rather than being… More >>
  • Best Cheese Steak

    Famous Phil's Sub Shop

    Not even a born-and-bred Philly-cheese-steak purist could deny the awesomeness that is Famous Phil's Steak Bomb. A mere $9.58 gets you a soft, 12-inch bun piled high with thin-sliced rib eye, provolone cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and a ladleful of spaghetti sauce. Only two things result from taking on a sandwich of that magnitude: stomach-stretching fullness and a red-sauce-stained shirt.… More >>
  • Best Pho

    Saigon City

    When pho is good, it's freaking amazing. Unfortunately, it's hard to come across one that's executed well: the majority being oversalted, one-dimensional broths, filled with the basic meats, noodles, and herbs. What the pho? Not the case at Saigon City. Situated in a Lauderdale Lakes shopping mall, in the Vietnamese area of 441 — yes, there is such a thing… More >>
  • Best Barbecue

    Hickory Sticks BBQ

    This building has been a Texaco gas station, and more recently, the Poopie Doll Florist, but today, after renovations, owner Barry Hilton and his partner and executive chef, Roberto Sanchez, have transformed it into a rustic barbecue shack that serves the most authentic, wood-smoked barbecue around. According to Hilton, the secret to their success is in the smoker, the same… More >>
  • Best Fried Chicken

    Bay Bay's Chicken and Waffles

    Since opening in mid-September, the 2,000-square-foot red stucco building a mile west of I-95 has garnered a unique and devoted crowd hankering for a taste of Bay Bay's signature dish: chicken and waffles. Sure, the waffles are good, but it's owner Israel Johnson's fried chicken that makes this dish a knockout. The family recipe includes a special blend of spices… More >>
  • Best Cupcakes

    Royal Treatz

    To plan a proper bachelorette party, you need a stripper, party hats, and cupcakes that inform the bride-to-be that it's time to say farewell to all other penises. This Pembroke Pines shop doesn't specialize in penis cupcakes, but it does sell them special order. And the best part isn't even the silly private-part shapes but the actual cake. The people… More >>
  • Best Donuts

    Mojo Donuts

    It's summer in South Florida. Driving to work is like enduring an extended stay in a sweat lodge. And bright, 90-degree mornings, they suck the worst. Except for one very sweet exception. At 6 a.m., a scent beckons. The aroma is of fresh fried dough, warm sugar, and crispy bacon. The wise thing is to follow it to its destination:… More >>
  • Best Taco

    Tropical Tacos' "Al Pastor"

    First things first: Tacos are the working man's food. Unpretentious. That's exactly why they are best served on the side of a road, next to a dive bar, out of a truck. Cue Tropical Tacos. The truck is placed right smack dab on the seedy strip of road that makes State Road 84 the ideal environment for taco enjoyment. Just… More >>
  • Best Fish Taco

    Salt Life Food Shack - CLOSED

    Fish tacos are best enjoyed in a beach shack. If, however, you find yourself stuck out west with no way to get to the beach, you do have an option. And a damned good one at that. Beachy décor, tropical drinks, a fish tank, and surfing videos aside, Salt Life Food Shack in Coral Springs knows a thing or two… More >>
  • Best Guacamole

    Havana Hideout

    When an establishment changes hands, small (and sometimes ridiculously large) tweaks can be expected. Your favorite appetizer is removed, replaced with something boring. That side sauce you loved so much is altered just enough to make you melancholy for a condiment. Even your go-to bartender is no longer there, the result of a staff makeover. But Shelly Jent and Ben… More >>
  • Best Cheap Lunch


    Congrats! You've just won the lottery. OK, it was the scratch-off, but hey! You're still ten bucks richer than when you started. Take that sawbuck over to Diner-by-the-Sea and get a good, hot meal. This teeny hole-in-the-wall is a time machine out of a Twilight Zone episode. Pop in one of the cheery yellow vinyl counter stools or cozy up… More >>
  • Best Bakery


    The French take their food seriously. Years of tradition, strict accreditation programs, and general food snobbery all go hand in hand with the quality of the nation's famous baked goods. You're certainly not going to find any premixed cookie dough over there. Arrogant? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. That's why it should come as no surprise that our favorite provider of… More >>
  • Best Food Truck

    Slow Food Truck

    No, Slow Food Truck does not necessarily mean you can outrace these guys when you see them on the highway. The truck is named after the slow-food movement, which strives to use as much locally sourced product as possible. SFT's owners, Oren Bass and Zachary Schwartz, both graduates of Johnson & Wales University's culinary program, use local tomatoes, proteins from… More >>
  • Best Diner

    Green Owl

    The Green Owl, one of the oldest restaurants in Delray Beach, sits on some prime real estate. But while the city has gentrified around it, the Owl remains a classic diner in the most basic sense of the word. It serves breakfast and lunch. It is open only until 3 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends. The décor is… More >>
  • Best Coffee Shop

    Java Boys

    They say friends don't let friends drink Starbucks — and Starbucks this isn't. Though Java Boys does offer coffee, pastries, and free Wi-Fi (And frappes! Don't miss the frappes!), it differs in every other way from the evil coffee empire. The couches are soft, the raspberry scones are fresh, and rather than bury your nose in a laptop, you'll likely… More >>
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant

    J's Garden Cafe

    Owners and mother-daughter team Marie and Thamye Junis recently opened this versatile establishment that courts meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians alike. A former health-care professional, Marie spent much of her career teaching others about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. She teamed up with her daughter, a former Pembroke Pines middle school teacher who needed a place to… More >>
  • Best Tea House

    11th Street Annex

    When sisters Penny Sanfilippo and Jonny Altobell opened 11th Street Annex in Fort Lauderdale a little more than ten years ago, they wanted a tea house/lunch spot/catering company that served up stuff right — no imitations. The scones are classic "English" scones, the butter is imported from Europe, the jams are all-fruit fresh, and the lemon curd and clotted cream… More >>
  • Best Place to Dine Alone

    Bimini Boatyard

    It happened. You've found yourself alone, starving, and your iPhone's battery is dying, which means you can't hide behind checking Facebook and pretending you're waiting for someone. Forget the electronic crutch and muster up enough nerve to walk over to the gigantic bar at Bimini Boatyard. Located on the 17th Street Causeway, the bar attracts a mélange of people —… More >>
  • Best Romantic Restaurant

    Serafina Waterfront Trattoria

    Down an unremarkable street, beside a row of unremarkable storefronts, is a remarkable restaurant. From the unassuming street that runs beside the Gateway Plaza, peer into the window of Serafina Waterfront Trattoria and see a working kitchen. Tuck down a narrow path and you'll enter a warm candlelit room with just a few seats that leads to a patio perched… More >>
  • Best Steak House

    Red The Steakhouse - CLOSED

    For some reason, steak houses have been the domain of the stuffy businessperson. These houses of bovine flesh fail to realize that real men — and women — want to masticate some cow without having sawdust stick to their shoes. And that there are other color palates besides dark green. Like... red. Such is the name, and the color scheme,… More >>
  • Best Farmers' Market

    Bedner's Farm Fresh Market

    Bedner's Farm Fresh Market is a real, honest-to-God, old-school farmers' market remade for the modern consumer. Located way out west on 441, at the outermost edge of the actual Bedner's Farm, the "market" itself is a country-style grocery store located inside a barn house — but with air-conditioning. Here, you'll find a wide selection of produce at decent prices, a… More >>
  • Best New Produce Market

    Living Green Fresh Market

    While strolling casually through this wonderful new market, the combination of nice environment, nice product, and nice prices delights the senses like a colorful bowl of perfect fruit. In fact, the equivalent of a bowl of fruit might be consumed by the time a customer's incredibly low total is announced by a friendly clerk at checkout, as the free samples… More >>
  • Best Asian Market

    New York Mart

    New York Mart's cavernous, warehouse space should be the first thing that tells you it's different. You're used to yellowing tiles in the low drop ceiling at your regular Asian market. You've even come to pine for them when you find your pantry devoid of rice noodles, miso paste, or dried shrimp. New York Mart offers row after row of… More >>
  • Best Soul Food

    Donnie's Place

    Get a good home-cooked meal from a guy who grew up eating some of the area's best home-cooked meals. This restaurant is clean and comfortable with friendly service and a relaxed vibe. Just one year ago, the place reopened after a fire at its old location forced chef and owner Donnie Dobson to shut his doors. When he reopened, his… More >>
  • Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

    Rustic Inn

    Children are wonderful, except when you have to take them out in public. Scratch that — they're still wonderful, but constantly ignoring the sighs and reproachful stares of child-haters in a restaurant can get old. It's best to find places that are kid friendly — or at least so loud that no one notices Junior jumping up and down and… More >>
  • Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant

    Boston's on the Beach

    For three decades, Boston's on the Beach has been serving live music and good libations to beachgoers. Times change, Delray's restaurant scene exploded, and it seems now that everyone has a Chihuahua in her Louis Vuitton tote. When a city goes to the dogs, the best thing to do is join in! The restaurant invites you and your pooch to… More >>
  • Best Late-Night Dining

    Squiggy's New York Style Pizza

    They say nothing good happens after 2 a.m. Whoever "they" are, they're dead wrong. As bars are shoving the last wasted patrons out the doors, the streets fill with only the most entertaining of antics. And where do said patrons stumble off to? To sober up on drunk food, of course. We like a late-night drunk spot just as crazy… More >>
  • Best Margarita

    The Antioxidant Margarita at Rocco's Tacos

    Let's face it. Once we get past 25, we spend the rest of our lives either trying to find the fountain of youth or drinking to forget the fact that too much Botox makes us look like crap. But what if we told you that a drink could actually be the key to staying young? Sounds like magical hocus-pocus, true.… More >>
  • Best Bloody Mary

    Steak 954

    You wake up a groggy mess, your head pounding to the rhythm of your heartbeat, thanks to an all-out binge drinking fest the day before. You know what you need, and you know you need it fast: more alcohol. What better way to get it than a vitamin-soaked bloody mary? Steak 954's version of a wake-up call — the tomatillo… More >>
  • Best Frozen Drink

    Kahuna Bar and Grill

    This is South Florida, where the frozen drink reigns supreme. Ask any tourist what sums up the Sunshine State experience and he'll probably wax poetic about his love for the piña colada. Cliché but true. Well, Kahuna Bar & Grill has the most amazing version of the coconut/pineapple concoction. The bamboo-lined walls and kitschy décor make this place a beach… More >>
  • Best Cocktails


    One day many, many years ago, two brothers set out for a vacation in the Polynesian Islands, where they found a small tiki idol and decided to take it back home as a souvenir. Once back in Fort Lauderdale, the tiki idol spoke to them. It said it missed its homeland — especially the fantastic rum-based cocktails. The idol told… More >>
  • Best Martini

    The Seafood Bar

    Like a smooth, potent piña colada dream, the Seafood Bar's pineapple-infused martini ($12.50) is a tropical delight. The oceanfront establishment is known for fruity vodka infusions — and it's a well-deserved reputation. While bartenders marry kiwi, strawberry, oranges, and other sweet treats with the clear spirit, it's the pineapple that packs a punch in this cocktail. First, fresh-cut pineapple steeps… More >>
  • Best Beer Selection

    The Coffee District

    Some local purveyors of craft beer may offer more draft selections; others may offer more bottles than the 150 microbrews here; but what this bar/coffee shop/café offers is a well-curated mix. The tap list changes often and may include anything from Ballast Point's Victory at Sea barrel-aged imperial porter to Dogfish Head's potent 120 Minute IPA to any number of… More >>
  • Best Wine Selection

    Wine Watch

    Wine. It's both the nectar of the gods and a royal pain in the neck. If your idea of a good wine is whatever's the supermarket twofer, then you need gentle education. Wine Watch gives you just that. Sure, the selection is intimidating at first — look at all the labels! Some of them aren't even in English! Plus what… More >>
  • Best Wine Bar

    The Wine Dive

    Is it a dive? Not at all. Is there wine? Plenty — 40 reds and 20 whites by the glass, dispensed by the ounce from a sophisticated Enomatic dispenser system where argon — a noble gas — keeps open bottles good for more than 30 days. The result is an impressive array of vino in a casual-chic setting from nearby… More >>
  • Best Cuban Restaurant

    Padrino's Cuban Cuisine

    In 1930s Cuba, the Padrino family opened its first establishment, a small food market and winery with a storefront that doubled as a meeting spot for locals to visit and catch up on the latest news. Family members relocated to the U.S. in the late 1960s and opened their first restaurant in Hialeah in 1976, offering the neighborhood a taste… More >>
  • Best Caribbean Restaurant

    Donna's Restaurant

    One of the best things about living in Florida is "Floribbean" fare, brought to us by a wide variety of hole-in-the-wall spots where bargain-deal dishes are influenced by immigrants from all over the Caribbean — Haitians, Bahamians, Jamaicans, and the people of Trinidad and Tobago. No matter the island, traditional dishes share some common ingredients, most notably goat, chicken, conch,… More >>
  • Best German Restaurant

    The Ambry

    The Ambry is a charming little gem located along the stretch of Commercial Boulevard leading up to the Intracoastal Waterway. Opened in 1981, it harkens back to a time when South Florida truly catered to retirees — because there wasn't anyone else to cater to. This is not to suggest that the Ambry is in any way outdated or past… More >>
  • Best Jamaican Restaurant

    Blue Mountain Restaurant

    You know those scenes in western movies — the outsider steps through the doors of the saloon and music comes to a screeching halt? That's almost the sensation when you walk into Lauderhill's Blue Mountain Restaurant. If you're not a regular, the old Jamaican guys at the bar might turn around and give you a curious look. With poker machines,… More >>
  • Best Mexican Restaurant

    Cielito Lindo

    Authentic Mexican? Maybe not, but Tex-Mex, or Florida-Mex, for that matter, has a legitimate place in the Hall of Foodie Fame for its undeniable deliciousness. Cielito Lindo's got those eats down, from guacamole and spinach queso dip to sizzling steak fajitas and cheese-smothered enchiladas. Colorful sombreros and Mexican blankets adorn the walls. It's folksy with a side of charming. The… More >>
  • Best Korean Restaurant

    Myung Ga Tofu & BBQ Restaurant

    Korean food is so much more than just barbecue, the common gateway into the cuisine. Adventurous eaters who want to try as broad a sampling as possible have to get to Myung Ga. The crispy rice at the bottom of the hot stone bowl in the dolsot bibimbap, with beef, bean sprouts, cucumber, and dried seaweed, will become your new… More >>
  • Best Peruvian Restaurant

    Gordo's Grill

    Peruvian is in. From farm-to-tables to neighborhood cafés, you can find a ceviche or Peruvian-inspired dish on almost any menu. That's certainly not a bad thing. But if you're looking for the best example of the omnipresent cuisine, you want to go authentic. You want Gordo's Grill. Situated in one of the many strip malls that line Sample Road in… More >>
  • Best Thai Restaurant

    Oriental Food Market

    It's been said that you should never judge a book by its cover. Likewise, you should never judge a shop by the strip mall in which it sits. Situated in a rundown building on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach is an average-looking Asian market. Step inside and you'll find your usual array of Asian ingredients, a large communal table,… More >>
  • Best Italian Restaurant

    Italian Red Sauce - CLOSED

    Though most people lump all Italian food into the same category, ingredients and preparations across Italy's 20 regions are crazy varied. Italian Red Sauce's specialty is right there in the name, and it's all about the heavily sauced Italian-American classics, inspired by southern Italy. This is the food most Americans think about when they say "Let's do Italian." This restaurant… More >>
  • Best Chinese Restaurant

    China Pavilion

    To assess whether a great Chinese hole in the wall is truly great, ask yourself: Is it hard to find? Are there lots of actual Chinese people there? Are there authentic dishes Americans might shy away from? China Pavilion is tucked into an inside corner of a sprawling Miramar strip mall and is full of Chinese people and curious Chinese… More >>
  • Best Seafood Restaurant

    PB Catch

    Everyone loves those crazy, loud Maryland-style seafood houses where you can crack open your food straight onto the table. It's cathartic to take out your deep-seated aggression by banging the crap out of some crabs. However, it's not exactly the way to make a good impression on a first date — or any other social situation that requires you to… More >>
  • Best Waterfront Dining

    Phillips Point Club - CLOSED

    There are occasions when nothing less than the best will do: marriage proposals, 50th anniversaries, dropping the infidelity bomb. And for these momentous evenings, the awe-inspiring view from Top of the Point will impress even the most difficult of dining companions. The food is classic, upscale American cuisine — a jumbo lump crab cake ($19), petite Maine lobster rolls ($16),… More >>
  • Best Delivery Service

    Delivery Dudes

    The Delray Delivery Dudes started out as the brainchild of Jayson Koss. He contends that he and his friends were so lazy, they wished they could get anything they wanted delivered to them. Since no such service existed, at least not in South Florida, they started a business and delivered stuff themselves. Their resulting concierge delivery service, aptly named the… More >>
  • Best Restaurant Décor

    Rebel House

    Too many South Florida restaurateurs take the easy way out in terms of design. Minimalist art, chrome fixtures, white furniture as far as the eye can see: Frankly, it's dull and more than a little played-out. When Mike Saperstein and Evan David last year debuted their first full-service restaurant, they sidestepped the "IKEA showroom meets South Beach salon" aesthetic entirely.… More >>
  • Best Restaurant — Broward County

    Valentino's Cucina Italiana

    For years, Giovanni Rocchio churned out delicious Northern Italian fare to wide-eyed, smitten customers in a strip mall on Federal Highway. An impressive wine list, impeccable service, and a comfortable, intimate atmosphere kept customers and critics raving for years. Then Rocchio kicked it up a notch by moving the restaurant to a new, larger, more open location. Today, you can… More >>
  • Best Restaurant — Palm Beach County

    Coolinary Cafe

    Rabbit tostadas. Gator sausage. Wild boar tenderloin. They're all on the menu — or have been — at Coolinary Cafe, which opened just one year ago in March. Owner Tim Lipman and his wife, Jenny, are the cool kids behind this hip 47-seat eatery, where an arsenal of well-planned menu items changes seasonally and specials change twice daily. Lipman (the… More >>
  • Best New Restaurant — Broward County


    Steven Zobel is a classically trained French chef who spent more than a decade cooking in New York City, moved to Florida, said "no more" to corporate restaurants, and started cooking for himself. He linked up with business partners Mike Lynch and Tom Moynihan via Craigslist, and together they built a restaurant that is warm and casual — low lighting,… More >>
  • Best New Restaurant — Palm Beach County

    The Grove

    Breeding the perfect show dog takes a prestigious pedigree, thorough training, and a handsome build. If restaurants were dog shows, the Grove would definitely win Best in Show. The two young chefs who run the entire kitchen are both grads of the most prestigious cooking school in the U.S.: the Culinary Institute of America. (There's the pedigree.) Chef/partner Michael Haycook… More >>
  • Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying


    Take your time when enjoying the $15 sea scallop at Sardelli's. First cut it in half, then quarters, then eighths if you're skilled with a knife. Make sure each forkful contains a piece of the butter-crisped mollusk along with the tangy almond-parsley pesto and bit of the creamy parsnip purée. When your server sees you licking the plate clean and… More >>
  • Best Chef

    Clay Conley

    For the record: This decision was not based on Conley's good looks alone, although those boyish dimples most certainly did not hurt. Combine those good looks with a pedigree to match — in 2005, he was named a StarChef's Rising Star Chef, spent time working directly under Todd English, and managed to fill Michelle Bernstein's shoes as executive chef of… More >>
  • Best Service


    As a carnivore, sitting down to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant can be scary. Will the food taste good? What the hell is Gardein? Will PETA ninjas attack me as I walk through the door? The key to setting a meat-eater's heart at ease is a fantastic server to walk him through the edible forest, so to speak. You will… More >>
  • Best Outdoor Dining

    Taco Beach Shack

    Where the sands of Hollywood Beach end, the sand at Taco Beach Shack begins. Though this restaurant isn't quite on the beachfront, it's just a block away, and with the restaurant's sand floors, you'll barely notice you've strayed from the ocean. This place offers large portions (don't hurt yourself on those nachos!) served alongside a nice breeze, frequent live music,… More >>
  • Best Brewery

    Due South Brewing

    "I really want to drink some skunky imported beer tonight," said no one ever. Instead, you want good fresh beer, and you want it cheap. Due South Brewing helps fulfill those lofty goals of not drinking bad beer. The brewery is a full-production affair, so don't mind the giant fermenters and conditioning tanks. There are no secrets as to what… More >>

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