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  • Best Holistic Helpers

    Red Carrot Wellness

    Information regarding health and nutrition is more plentiful and easily available than ever before, yet somehow, many of us are not quite exemplars of well-being, especially amid the 9-to-5 grind. Fortunately, there are folks out there devoted to spreading the... health! Red Carrot Wellness provides health and nutritional coaching to individuals, groups, and corporations. These folks will help you shop… More >>
  • Best Florist

    Flowers and Found Objects

    Whether for a big wedding or a random Wednesday, the good people of Flowers and Found Objects will help you celebrate life with their brilliant vision and creations. Arrangements for all occasions can be found within the fragrant Las Olas boutique. Browse the portfolio and discover tasteful displays like the "Vanda Orchid Assortment" ($70 to $125), "Tropical Garden Centerpiece" ($125… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Second Edition Book Shop

    Stores that hawk books are hard to find in South Florida, even if we count corporate Starbucks dispensaries tricked out with two stories of teen fiction, celebrity magazines, and more literary lions on the walls in pretentious murals than in the stockroom. Second Edition Book Shop is one of the few remaining members on the endangered-species list — and the… More >>
  • Best Animal Shelter

    Warm Hearts Pet Rescue

    Nothing tugs at the heartstrings like doe-eyed pups and fuzzy kittens — particularly those with no home to call their own. They gaze up at you with their innocent expressions, tilting their scruffy heads and raising one lone paw. All they want is love. But don't be fooled by Sarah McLachlan and her corporate shill. The folks at Warm Hearts… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    Happy Pappy's

    Counterintuitive or just plain amazing? These were our first thoughts upon encountering Happy Pappy's, a drive-through liquor store in Hollywood. Located on Griffin Road across the street from a pawn shop and next door to Happy Pappy's Sub Shop, this standalone mom-and-pop establishment looks like a little hut of joy, complete with a terra-cotta-colored awning and rainbow bubble letters spelling… More >>
  • Best Adult Video Store

    Megasex Inc.

    "Look honey, we should talk. I know you've noticed that things have been a little — God, how can I say this? — slow in the bedroom lately. No, no, don't get mad. No tears, here. I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't care, right? But honesty is important. Remember what it was like back in the day? The… More >>
  • Best Mechanic

    USA Auto Care

    In the world of mechanics, it can be hard to know whom to trust. That's why we're really glad we found USA Auto Care, a family-owned and -operated, full-service, no-fuss auto repair shop with three convenient locations: a main facility in Sunrise, minutes from the Sawgrass Expressway, a second location in Lauderhill, and a third in Wilton Manors. Although some… More >>
  • Best Yoga Studio

    Red Pearl Yoga

    We never stop hearing about the benefits of yoga, like its easing of depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and migraines. While the benefits are many, the typical $18-per-class price tag isn't so Zen. By offering pay-what-you-can community classes, Red Pearl Yoga is bringing yoga to the people. All of the people — not just the rich, stay-at-home trophy moms. Community… More >>
  • Best Clothing Store

    Kismet Recycled Vintage & Designer Clothing

    This is the place for the ghetto-fab gay who's just gotta have that Gucci tank or the Boca babe who dares to be different by getting her St. John's skirt slightly used. The hipster who needs to look even hipper in a proper green Lolita Lempicka zippered crop top, or the glamour girl with a hankering for sequins. These people… More >>
  • Best Bike Shop

    Bicycle Evolution

    You're always on your bike. You get groceries on your bike. You go to Laser Wolf on your bike. You play polo on your bike. For God's sake, your baby rides a bike. Biking is your life! And now that bicycles have taken over the roadways, your needs have changed. A pine-scented air freshener is pointless. You need bike lights,… More >>
  • Best Hair Salon

    The Factory Salon

    Have you ever taken a chance at a random salon and ended up with a totally busted 'do? It's a First World problem, yes, but a botched hair job is a traumatic experience. Yeah, you can wear hats or headbands, but it's rather difficult to hide your entire head from public view. Prevent any such dilemma by heading over to… More >>
  • Best Mall 

    Pembroke Lakes Mall

    Until the fall of 2013, the best things about Pembroke Lakes Mall have been Chick-fil-A (politics be damned!) and, well, Chick-fil-A. And Macy's. But just last month, the big shots at H&M announced a store opening at this suburban oasis. It will be their first in Broward County and third in South Florida. You can point your mom in the… More >>
  • Best Nail Salon

    Divanized Hair and Nails

    You love Dwyane Wade, but you like LeBron James. Sitting in front of Berlinda — the mistress of amazing acrylic tips — you decide you want them both. She then gives your hands the true Miami Heat treatment. Like that crazy lady at the Bulls playoff game, you'll flip off the other team with a tiny picture of King James… More >>
  • Best Spa

    Nu Beauty Bar

    What better way to inform your friends that they look like crap than to plan a girls' day at the spa? We kid, obviously. But when your ladies hear all about Nu Beauty Bar, they'll admit their eyebrows are looking a little shaggy and agree to an afternoon at this whole-body spa. Nu Beauty Bar is actually also a real… More >>
  • Best Massage

    Daryl Smith

    Daryl Smith, the guy who can deliver the best massage in Broward, has been cracking backs since his early years. "I used to walk on my dad's back when I was a kid," Smith says. "I was always interested in why sometimes his back cracked and sometimes it didn't." After he worked in a factory at Eastman Kodak, Smith says,… More >>
  • Best Dive Shop

    Scuba Club

    You haven't truly seen Florida unless you've seen it from underwater. From the crystalline Atlantic to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is teeming with sea life below the surface. The dive experts at Scuba Club are the ones you'll want leading you along the lush reefs of the Gulf Stream. Specially trained Divemasters will escort you… More >>
  • Best Gym

    Wellness Center at Broward Health Medical Center

    Finding a gym is a lot like hunting for a house. There are some qualities it must have, some amenities it'd be nice to have, and some details that thrust you into a real-estate-induced ecstasy when you see them. The Wellness Center on the eighth (top) floor of the physician office at the Broward Health Medical Center delivers on all… More >>
  • Best OB-GYN

    Dr. Trudi Fahey

    Now that we're letting the word out, we're going to have a helluva time getting an appointment, but we will make that sacrifice, because the world must know how amazing this woman is! Going through pregnancy, childbirth, or any other crises of the downtown area can be some of the most nerve-wracking, nail-biting episodes of a woman's life. Fahey helps… More >>
  • Best Head Shop

    Peace Pipe

    If it's only about selection, it's not even a contest. Peace Pipe in Fort Lauderdale wins hands down. It's got any and all kinds of smoking devices, from the giant "water pipes" and elaborate and expensive glass down to the smallest, easily breakable, boringly colorless chillum. But it's not only about stock. It's vibe. It's people. It's the owner, Jerry.… More >>
  • Best Combination Store

    Secret Moments

    Ever since Walmart came onto the scene with the Walmart Supercenter — or maybe just since the modern grocery store, whatever — Americans have been looking to pick up multiple objects all in one stop. Convenience, right? Well, for those of you looking to pick up a dildo and a nanny-cam in one fell swoop, there's Secret Moments in Fort… More >>
  • Best Dry Cleaner

    Scotty's Dry Cleaner & Shoe Repair

    The relationship between you and your dry cleaner should be filled with a certain amount of trust. This is one service in which the purveyor knows the ins and outs of your basic hygiene. Sweat like an animal? No worries. Spilled wine all over your much-beloved Prada blouse? They'll right your drunken ways. Mysterious white spot on your trousers? Not… More >>
  • Best Thrift Store

    Second Time Around

    "Consignment shop" might be the fancy name, but in our hearts — and in Macklemore's — they'll always be thrift shops. Still, it can be tough to find a decent one. Sure, the sweater is designer, but it's still $85 used! Second Time Around on Fourth Avenue in chichi downtown Delray Beach actually manages to be thrifty and still carry… More >>
  • Best Used Furniture Store

    East Coast Furniture

    A good used-furniture place is hard to find, and once you do, you should guard the name and location like a precious secret — unless you're New Times, and then you tell everyone. On a little stretch of Federal Highway where it narrows down to two one-way roads in Delray Beach is a secondhand furniture store called East Coast Furniture.… More >>
  • Best Tattoo Shop

    Altered State Tattoo

    Amateurs get their tattoos at touristy shops on the beach. Pros get them from Michael "Pooch" Pucciarelli. The dude has been drawing twisted sci-fi and monster-inspired art since he was a wee lad whiling away his after-school hours with thrash-metal records and H.P. Lovecraft novels and continued filling of sketchbooks through his days as guitarist in Raped Ape. He opened… More >>
  • Best Record Store

    Confusion Records

    Well, the name is apt. Not exactly a tidy place, Confusion looks a lot more like a collector's bedroom than a record store. Records are seemingly carelessly strewn across every square inch. They fill bins, are scattered on the floor, are tucked in corners, hang on the walls — even the ceiling! CDs too, and cassettes! It's easy to assume… More >>
  • Best Optometrist

    Dr. Clyde A. Chapman, O.D.

    If you like the idea of supporting local, family-run businesses and you happen to be in need of a fashionable pair of glasses, Eyes on Linton can provide you with both. Chapman was raised in Delray Beach, and two of his five children work in the office with him. The staff, both blood-related and non-, is friendly and helpful. Prescription… More >>
  • Best Car Wash

    Rising Tide Car Wash

    It's South Florida. Your ride needs to be fly. You can't settle for the drive-through car wash at Chevron. Oh no, no, no! You need a real live person who's going to wash by hand and take it very, very seriously if there is water residue on your paint job or fly guts on your radiator. Un-freaking-acceptable! Well, check this:… More >>
  • Best Limo/Party Bus Rental

    Rebellion Transport

    So this isn't the biggest fleet in the world ­— it's one man with a limo ($75 an hour, or ten hours for $500), a party bus ($150 per hour, or ten hours for $1,000), and a Star Wars fascination (though he has extra drivers for busy nights). But that one man, Pete Greenstein, is an amiable, honest guy who… More >>
  • Best Daycare

    First United Methodist Preschool

    Want free birth control? Here it is: A decent daycare in Fort Lauderdale costs $700 to $800 a month minimum. If this information is coming at you a little too late and that bun is already warming up in its oven, you've likely already accepted this terrifying fact and must now settle on which of these facilities you're going to… More >>
  • Best Hairstylist

    Richard Griego

    Used to be, you had to pick between two crummy options: the affordable neighborhood salon with the nice lady whose haircut you can afford — but who's going to make you look like Aunt Millie till it grows out — or the way-cool salon with the punky staff and trendy cuts — but that's going to cost you $4,020, just… More >>
  • Best Hotel

    Pelican Grand

    Lots of hotels are on Fort Lauderdale Beach... but how many of them are actually on the oceanfront? (None of that across-the-street nonsense here.) Lots of hotels have restaurants inside... but how many have an old-fashioned ice cream shop? And lots of hotels have pools... but how many of them have a Lazy River? The Pelican Grand's location (just out… More >>
  • Best Sale

    LF on Las Olas

    Toward the end of each season, early in the morning, around 8, you'll see a line start to form outside a small boutique called LF (named after owner Laurie Furst) on Las Olas Boulevard. On end-of-season sale day, at about 9 a.m., the salespeople take a deep breath (betraying both dread and anticipation), brace themselves, and open the door for… More >>

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