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  • Best Heat Player

    LeBron James

    He was supposed to be a choker. A guy who shrank in the big moments. LeBrick. And after roughly 1 billion articles disparaging him after the Heat lost in the NBA Finals in 2011 to the Dallas Mavericks, it was apparent that the "LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan" argument was once again imminent. Then the 2012 NBA Playoffs… More >>
  • Best Dolphins Player

    Ryan Tannehill

    Red from The Shawshank Redemption was obviously a Miami Dolphins fan. When Andy Dufresne tells him that, no matter how bleak things get, despair can never touch the hope that resides in us all, the frustrated Red replies, "Hope is a dangerous thing." And maybe that's because, as a Dolphins fan, Red has tried to believe that the new hotshot… More >>
  • Best Marlins Player

    Steve Cishek

    Let's face it: There's not much to get excited about from the Miami Marlins this year. The good news from the Marlins penchant for trading their best players away for no-names is that they also got to replace the train wreck known as Heath Bell at closer. With Bell shipped off to Arizona, the closer's role opened up for 26-year-old… More >>
  • Best Panthers Player

    Jonathan Huberdeau

    The Florida Panthers have been an absolute mess. Injuries, bad breaks, and poor play have made the most irrelevant of all local pro teams fade even deeper into the ether. However, if there were ever a reason to start paying attention to the Cats and start readying that bandwagon, it's their goal-scoring, point-amassing, defense-obliterating rookie sensation Jonathan Huberdeau. The Panthers… More >>
  • Best FAU Player

    Austin Gomber

    Florida Atlantic University baseball finished atop the Sun Belt Conference in 2012, and if the major baseball analysts and experts from Baseball America and Perfect Game USA are to be believed, the Owls are poised to repeat that feat this year. Better yet, they have an excellent chance at hitting up the NCAA tournament, where they can test their mettle… More >>
  • Best Park

    Quiet Waters

    Quiet Waters plays host to the annual, tremendously popular Renaissance Festival. The park has its own ski rixen — which, if you're unfamiliar, is like wakeboarding minus the expensive boat — as well as a marina where you can rent boats. Splash Adventure is a children's "water playground," open seasonally within the park. The best part about Quiet Waters, though,… More >>
  • Best Nature Trail

    Cypress Creek Natural Area

    Yeah, alligators are pretty badass, but there's more to Florida's flora and fauna than those leathery, prehistoric beasts. The trails at Cypress Creek offer a glimpse into seven of the state's ecosystems that are home to an array of creatures both great and small. Step over bobcat and deer tracks as you amble through an oak and pine canopy before… More >>
  • Best Kayaking

    Riverbend Park

    Looking for a killer place to launch a kayak? Go west, young man. It seems counterintuitive, yes, but the region's inland rivers, lakes, and streams are among the most beautiful bodies of water you're likely to encounter. An outing at Riverbend can be tailored to suit your style. An early riser who prefers solitude and a quiet paddle? Travel into… More >>
  • Best Beach

    Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

    In between the bustling beachfronts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami is a sunny coziness to be discovered by joggers, diners, and amateur sand-castle architects (and the people who love them). The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is a 2.5-mile stretch of mellowness, featuring a brick-paved pedestrian sidewalk bordered by the sandy beach on one side and an array of charming restaurants, cafés,… More >>
  • Best Snorkeling Spot

    Red Reef Park

    A snorkel session along the jetty at Red Reef Park will remind any South Florida resident or visitor that it is absurd to associate glowing tropical fish and swaying coral with a desktop screen saver rather than the eye-popping live experience. Especially since this precious Boca Raton spot makes the underwater world of eels, seahorses, brain coral, and clownfish so… More >>
  • Best Place to Watch the Sunset

    17th Street Causeway Bridge

    This vista is positioned just right, so that an early-evening bike ride down A1A will bring you to the highest bridge in South Florida shortly after the road breaks away from the coastline, snaking its way west. If you time it right, arriving just as the Intracoastal Waterway below begins to mirror the fiery hues of the sky above, an… More >>
  • Best Place to People-Watch

    Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival

    While bagpipers march down the street The people get light on their feet All decked out in green A ridiculous scene The sights on this day can't be beat!… More >>
  • Best Addition to Fort Lauderdale's Skyline

    LED Lights Atop Bank of America Plaza

    Where there once was a pointed roof, there now is a glowing capsule at the tip of a cosmic rocket ship. Or it might look that way to those on quality hallucinogens after dark who are within a five-mile radius of the Bank of America Plaza. While some nights the newly added LED display is a cool, steady blue, other… More >>
  • Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners

    Deerfield Beach Pier

    Your pal from the Midwest just rolled into town, and sun, sand, and surf are tops on his agenda. These are three attainable demands that can be met at a multitude of tourist traps, which your visitor will leave with a hearty sunburn and an assortment of T-shirts with cheesy slogans. Instead of opting for the predictable sights he's seen… More >>
  • Best Day Trip

    Everglades National Park

    A journey into the country's "largest subtropical wilderness" shouldn't be this easy, but it is. Just an hour or so on Florida's Turnpike, and city dwellers are face-to-face with the legendary River of Grass. Hearty types can kayak, canoe, or camp overnight in the primordial soup, but there's plenty to satiate the casual day-tripper. The Anhinga Trail, just minutes inside… More >>
  • Best Weekend Getaway

    Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort & Spa

    A quiet summertime staycation is the new panacea. The year is grinding, the job is steadily turning your brain to mincemeat, and life in general won't stop screeching like a banshee on steroids. You need to get the hell out of Dodge before you strangle Kenny from accounts. Yet there's no need to over-do a quick weekend getaway. Not when… More >>
  • Best Cheap Thrill

    Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort

    Let's be honest: Nothing gets the ticker hammering like a peek at some skin. And since 1965, Sunsport Gardens has been offering the region an affordable smorgasbord of private parts and secret crevices — all in a family setting! Billing itself as a "Family Nudist Resort," Sunsport is all the way out in Loxahatchee, far from the prying eyes of… More >>
  • Best Not-So-Cheap Thrill

    Dining in the Dark at Market 17

    This is not a thrill of the heart-pounding kind but a titillation of the gastronomical variety. Fort Lauderdale's farm-to-table eatery Market 17's dining-in-the-dark experience takes patrons' palates on sensational sensory escapes. We are talking about an eight-course meal served in complete and utter darkness, where your waiter brings your meals with the aid of night-vision goggles. With the lights turned… More >>
  • Best Place To Get High

    Alligator Alley

    Getting stoned inside your own home or a friend's is not only boring; it's un-American. What's a chronicface to do? Waiting for the next show at the Cruzan is time-consuming and inconvenient. And how many Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon laser light shows can one person take in a lifetime? We need to take things outside, under the… More >>
  • Best Public Restroom

    The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale

    Discover how elegant a pee-stop can be by valet-parking your car out front, only to relieve yourself within the immaculate facilities of this polished cathedral of commerce before calling for your chariot to be brought back around so you may continue on your way, grinning.… More >>
  • Best Pool

    Marriott Harbor Beach

    Live around here long enough and you'll hear all the urban legends: That Al Capone kidnapped an Italian opera star and kept her hostage in Deerfield. (Supposedly true.) That Al Pacino used to hang out at the Yankee Clipper (Definitely true: See Analyze This.) That during a full moon, the ghost of Farrah Fawcett, in her famous red swimsuit, hovers… More >>
  • Best Surf Spot

    Port Everglades

    You'll have to carry your board half a mile, because after you wind through the Harbor Beach neighborhood and snag one of just eight or so public parking spots on South Ocean Drive, walk another block to the tiny gate on South Ocean Lane that lets you onto an almost-secret stretch of public beach beside the Point of Americas condominium.… More >>
  • Best Paddleboarding

    Stand-Up for a Cause

    Mario St. Cyr was the first guy to open a stand-up paddleboard business in Fort Lauderdale when he ran Paddles and Boards, parking his trailer right there on Sunrise Boulevard at George English Park, where it was easy to push off into the calm Intracoastal Waterway and commune with manatees and superyachts. Paddlers loved that Mario was ultrafriendly, didn't charge… More >>

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