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Best Asian Market Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2014 - Cho A Dong Oriental Food Mart

Cho A Dong Oriental Food Mart

Cho A Dong Oriental Food Mart

4245 N. State Road 7

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319


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You've finally decided to jump headfirst into Asian cuisine. Rather than pick up run-of-the-mill curry paste, you're doing it on your own, from scratch. Now, you just need to pick up the ingredients. The recipe calls for lemongrass, Thai red chilies, galangal, fish sauce, shrimp paste, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, and a bunch of other crazy ingredients. You've been to Publix — no luck. Whole Foods isn't cutting it either. You need an Asian market, like, yesterday. You need to come here. Vietnamese in orientation, the shop specializes in ingredients from around the continent, spanning from Southeast Asia to India to China and Taiwan. Whether you're looking for Japanese miso, Thai chili sauce, or fresh Chinese bitter melon, this place has it all. In addition to packaged sauces, dry goods, housewares, and frozen products, it offers exotic produce and a selection of meat and seafood. There you have it: Asian ingredient problem, solved.

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