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Best Car Wash

This award is unabashedly being driven by our economy. With gas prices at ridiculous levels, the days of the $20-$25 car wash aren't feasible for a lot of families anymore. If you have a multi-car household, it's even less realistic. If you've still got an automobile that needs to be...

MasterMinds 2014

1 year ago by New Times Staff
A stage visionary redefines the way South Florida sees theater. A thrift-shop connoisseur turns his love of collecting into an art career. A musician describes himself as "half Cuban Native Indian, half German Anunnaki wolf." You can say a lot of things about 2014's MasterMind Award finalists, but you can't...

Ten Best Labor Day Parties of 2014

7 months ago by Natalya Jones
On Labor Day, we enjoy the fruits of our labors and, well, the fruits of others' as well. Although it's considered a day to rest, it's also one of the finest party weekends of the year. You can get shitfaced Sunday without the risk of flaunting nasty bloodshot eyes all...

International Noise Conference 2014: Year of the Woman (PHOTOS)

1 year ago by Liz Tracy
Saturday night, Reverend Mother Flash pissed into a cup, drank it, and spit it at the crowd amid the total sonic and physical chaos of Cock ESP's closing set at the 2014 International Noise Conference. A fan flew and firecrackers popped. It was the perfect ending to a full week...

Best Of Broward-Palm Beach 2014: Here Are Some of the Best Places To Shop

9 months ago by Chris Joseph
The latest edition of our annual Best of Broward-Palm Beach issue is up and live, and it is chock-full o' awesomeness. From the best dive bars to the best places to meet single men and ladies to the best local restaurants in town and even your readers' choice votes, it's...
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