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Best Of Winner

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Tarpon Bend

"Does Fido want a bowl of water?" "That would be great, thanks." "How about a treat?" "He'd love that." Your server walks away and comes back with a massive plate of fries. No, it's not good for the dog's digestive system, but how could you deny that happy slobbering face?...
Best Of Winner

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Boston's on the Beach

For three decades, Boston's on the Beach has been serving live music and good libations to beachgoers. Times change, Delray's restaurant scene exploded, and it seems now that everyone has a Chihuahua in her Louis Vuitton tote. When a city goes to the dogs, the best thing to do is...

Hair of the Dog 2014: Six Places to Find Brunch on New Year's Day

1 year ago by Sara Ventiera
South Floridians are known for their penchant for drinking. We mean, do you know of any other cities with Liquordale as a nickname? Doubtful. Even so, some days -- or evenings -- are known for reducing regular residents and professionals into frat boy-like antics. New Year's Eve is one of...

Ten Best Labor Day Parties of 2014

7 months ago by Natalya Jones
On Labor Day, we enjoy the fruits of our labors and, well, the fruits of others' as well. Although it's considered a day to rest, it's also one of the finest party weekends of the year. You can get shitfaced Sunday without the risk of flaunting nasty bloodshot eyes all...

South Florida's Ten Best Pet-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink With Your Dog

3 years ago by Tricia Woolfenden
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