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Best Place to Feed a Little League Team

Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger House

Let's face it. Your son's little league team sucks. The outfield won't stop picking their butts long enough to catch a pop fly, and your pitcher throws like a tired vegetarian. It's OK. Not everyone is meant to be an athlete. But just because they can't win like champions doesn't...

Little League at 60 mph

12 years ago by Eric Alan Barton
Usually, Sebastian Ordoñez is a race-car driver only when he's pushing toy cars across his bedroom floor. The 8-year-old will sputter engine noises between his lips as he maneuvers imaginary Formula One racetracks all over the globe. "In like Brazil, Australia, lots of places," he says. He'll be a star...

Minor League Ball: A Journey

2 years ago by Sean Pendergast
Cheap beer, affordable tickets, swanky surroundings — what's not to like about minor and independent league baseball parks? If you've experienced a minor league baseball game in the past 20 years, it's hard to believe there was a time when it was viewed and treated as a virtual throwaway by...

MasterMinds 2014

1 year ago by New Times Staff
A stage visionary redefines the way South Florida sees theater. A thrift-shop connoisseur turns his love of collecting into an art career. A musician describes himself as "half Cuban Native Indian, half German Anunnaki wolf." You can say a lot of things about 2014's MasterMind Award finalists, but you can't...

New Times Best of 2014: Best Places to Eat in the Morning

9 months ago by Rebecca McBane
Have you checked out our New Times Best of Broward/Palm Beach picks, yet? This year, we've come up with over 200 of the best places to shop, listen to music, and eat. Of course, if you're going to name the best in South Florida, you've absolutely got to work in...
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