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  • Bokamper\'s Sports Bar & Grill

    Best Sports Bar

    Bokamper's Sports Bar & Grill

    Sports bars should have two things: drinks and TVs. Bokamper's has both in spades. Owned by and named after Dolphins defensive lineman Kim "Bo" Bokamper from the team's glory years, his fifth and newest location in Fort Lauderdale is the most overwhelming yet. A full bar includes craft beers and specialty drinks, but more impressive is the sheer number of… More >>
  • Bar Stache 1920\'s Drinking Den

    Best New Bar

    Bar Stache 1920's Drinking Den

    This party enclave caters to the hip: the chic, live-music lovers and those looking for a serious cocktail and a sexy time. The 5,000-square-foot space opened in fall 2013 and boasts gorgeous décor throughout the three-level club. Revelers are treated to two bars, plush couches, a fireplace area, and a whimsical portrait of George Washington wearing sunglasses. The impressive drink… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, North Broward

    JByrd's Muddy Waters

    The best part about a neighborhood joint is that you make it what it is. With Muddy Waters, you can make it a mental vacation to Key West or a detour to a nautical bar on your way home from the office. The place is decorated like a pirate ship, and you can eat like you're on one too —… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar; Central Broward

    The Black Pearl Tavern - CLOSED

    When the Black Pearl Tavern shuttered last summer, a huge pained chorus of Boston-accented sighs shook through South Florida. Since 1995, the Pearl, a storefront bar crammed into a strip mall on East Commercial, was the go-to spot for Boston sports fans living in South Florida. Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins — the memorabilia hung from the walls. The games… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar; South Broward

    Walsh's Irish Pub

    You could sop up suds in bars across the land, and you'll never find It — that ineffable quality that the bards sing hymns to and bar hoppers sniff out like hounds hunting game. It — the perfect balance of down-home drinking, affordable prices, and friendly faces. It — what you'll never find inside an Applebee's or any other chain… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Bar, Palm Beach

    Bull Bar Inc.

    Neighborhood bars are something special. There is nothing quite like a lack of tourist families and selfish snowbirds to know you have found your spot. Delray Beach is a place that gets down for big events but also has the comfort of offering weekly goodness that will satisfy your urge to party. On Atlantic Avenue, it's all about Bull Bar.… More >>
  • Best Gay Bar

    Fort Dix

    Like a bunker in the Interzone — gay icon William Burroughs' comic/lurid dreamscape of lost leather boys — the squat bland box with glass brick windows that is Fort Dix sits amid the grit and dust of the Georgia Avenue industrial strip just west of the tracks in West Palm Beach, rainbow flag aloft. It's more appearance than reality, though,… More >>
  • 13 Even

    Best Lesbian Bar

    13 Even

    It may be considered South Florida's queer mecca, but Wilton Manors tends to swing in favor of those with something swinging between their legs. (After all, you can't spell "manor" without "man.") And while a gal can throw down at Georgie's Alibi with the best of the boys, Wilton Drive might as well be called the Sausage Strip... until you… More >>
  • Cafe 27

    Best Biker Bar

    Cafe 27

    Cafe 27 embodies what every biker bar should be: It's far removed from civilian life, a little rough around the edges, and absolutely massive. To find it, follow Griffin Road west until it winds down to one lane and your eyes are filled with all sky and no scrapers. Drive any farther and you're waist-deep in the Everglades (they don't… More >>
  • Best Beach Bar

    Sandbar Grille at the Sun Tower Hotel

    There's a time in all of our lives when we gracefully mature from picking up strangers with three-for-ones at Capone's to actually taking someone out on this heretofore-unfamiliar thing called a date. After the kids come along, the partying doesn't end; it just moves away from YOLO. Fort Lauderdale's soccer moms and business dads still know how to live it… More >>
  • Wet at the W Hotel

    Best Poolside Bar

    Wet at the W Hotel

    You know what's better than drinking in any old swimming pool? Drinking in a swimming pool while checking out the wavy Atlantic after spending a long day with skilled paws massaging your neck at the W's Bliss Spa. You'll smell of lemon and sage as you dip your toesies in the heated water at the W Hotel's pools — yes,… More >>
  • Best Bartender

    Kristal Fletcher, Sunset Grill

    Just a few steps beyond the automated glass doors that exit the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek rests the tiki-bar-themed Sunset Grill, a much-appreciated breath of fresh air when one is looking to escape the bells, whistles, lights, loud announcements, and smoke-filled rooms that come with the usual casino experience. Here, bartender Kristal Fletcher will greet you with her smile and… More >>
  • Two Georges at the Cove

    Best Happy Hour

    Two Georges at the Cove

    Happy Hour used to mean something. It was a refuge, a place you could hide from the pressures of the outside world. A place you could get away from the wife, the husband, the kid, the boss, the dog... the world. But somewhere along the way, that all went to poop. Now, happy hour means half-priced appetizers in a stiff… More >>
  • Best DJ

    Adam Foster

    Adam Foster expertly weaves together the finest deep house to beat its way through BroCo, and thus, he's also one of the busiest dudes in town. You could call him the king of the Las Olas dance scene. He's the overlord of sounds (i.e., entertainment director) for the Restaurant People who own S3, YOLO, Vibe, and O Lounge. In this… More >>
  • Best Karaoke

    Black Rose Irish Pub

    Boston has watering holes inspired by Irish drinkers, and Boca has a bar based on the boozing of Bostonians in the Black Rose Irish Pub. The place has the brick, it's got the green on St. Paddy's Day, it's got the wooden bar, it's got the name. It's a frat guy's dream with tons of flat-screen TVs for UFC fights,… More >>
  • Best Live Band


    You'd hope the band that plays songs titled "Negrodamus and His White Devils," "Crack Rock 'n' Roll," and "Headless Body Topless Bar" would bring some action to the stage. And you would be correct. Sandratz sweats out the filth of punk and smooths it over with the lighthearted strut of surf. Onstage, they whip the crowd into a frothy mess.… More >>
  • Culture Room

    Best Live Music Venue

    Culture Room

    There's just something about the Culture Room that feels like home. It's not a particularly tiny venue, but it feels intimate whether the place is packed to the rafters or there are only 20 diehards out for a less popular show. But let's be real: When's the last time you saw Culture Room empty? Like never. Though you may not… More >>
  • Best New Music Venue

    Monterey Club

    To call Monterey Club the Best New Venue sounds asinine, right? The place is hardly new to Fort Lauderdale. But since it closed at the turn of 2012 and the lounge space adjacent to Kreepy Tiki Tattoos morphed into 5 Points Lounge and then that closed, Monterey, like Christ, has risen again. Now, it's bringing a bit of the divine… More >>
  • The Pawn Shop Lounge

    Best Dance Club

    The Pawn Shop Lounge

    The news that Miami's famed Pawn Shop club was reopening on Clematis Street got the blood of jealous 305 folk boiling but planted pleasant party smiles on the faces of folks in West Palm Beach. Trying to re-create a club that was actually in a pawn shop with an indoor school bus, an Airstream trailer, actual airplane seats, and the… More >>
  • Best Pool Hall

    Mis-cue Billiards

    Pools halls are usually found in out-of-the-way locales. That corner slot in the strip mall? Billiards hall. Back room of that Mexican place? Pool hall. Space above tarot card parlor? A cue shooter's paradise. But breaking the trend, it's impossible to miss Mis-cue. The building in Oakland Park shouts out from the street in loud, golf-course green-and-white checked paint, with… More >>
  • Best Bowling Alley


    No matter how many times you see The Big Lebowski, the classic comedy always leaves you with two urges. One of those desires you will have to travel to Washington, Colorado, or Amsterdam to fulfill, but in order to bowl, you need look no further than Davie. Sparez has a plethora of lanes to help your inner Lebowski abide. It's… More >>
  • Exxxotica Expo

    Best Place to Meet Single Men

    Exxxotica Expo

    The lights are bright at the Broward County Convention Center, and the sexual tension is high. Just about anything goes, at least for the three days the Exxxotica Expo hits town. The atmosphere is surprisingly chill and not at all creepy, even though the event features some of the biggest stars in the adult film industry and a lot of… More >>
  • Art Rock

    Best Place to Meet Single Women

    Art Rock

    Finding a compatible, cool partner is about as hard as finding something DIY you'd actually want to buy. At Art Rock, though, the annual DIY indie marketplace in West Palm Beach, you may have less trouble finding either of those two things than you'd ever imagined. Art Rock will be packed with ladies — ladies who can make things, ladies… More >>
  • Best Drag Queen

    Misty Eyez

    Had a rough day? Commute depressing you? The printer jamming up again? There is not a better way to remove yourself from your daily dose of bullshit than transporting yourself to an alternative universe — any event hosted by Misty Eyez. The 11-year veteran drag queen reigns supreme over a kingdom of unworthy disciples and changes lives. Her YouTube channel… More >>
  • Monday Night Reggae with Spred the Dub

    Best Weekly Party

    Monday Night Reggae with Spred the Dub

    Drink specials, a packed house, and an ear full of reggae music... Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays! There are few times that the party is 100 percent guaranteed, which is what makes E.R. Bradley's weekly reggae throwdown so danged important to our collective well-being. Gracing the stage each and every Monday night, local reggae favorites Spred… More >>
  • Best Local Music Festival

    Coastline Festival

    From shore to shore, the inaugural Coastline Festival made its way from Tampa to West Palm Beach's Cruzan Amphitheatre, bringing with it enough electro pop to please absolutely everyone born from 1987 to 1995. The lineup included WPB natives Surfer Blood, who — with lead singer John Paul Pitts half in the crowd — performed the Lebowski-loathed Eagles' tune "Take… More >>
  • Best Album

    Prodigal Son

    You're driving down to South Beach for the night to catch Steve Aoki smash cake in someone's face and press mad buttons, when you press play yourself, but on your iPod. West Palm Beach native Will Brennan's Prodigal Son release comes up first. And lo and behold, Brennan's also heading south on 95 in the early verses of the opening… More >>
  • Best EP

    Duct Tape Your Mouth

    West Palm Beach's New Coke released a frenetic three-song EP this February that's packed with negativity and punk hysteria, and we love it. It's hypnotic, and yeah, it makes you want to sort of barf. But in a totally good way. The Slovenly Recordings recording can be downloaded online, or you can order a seven-inch vinyl for your casa. Songs… More >>
  • Best Music Video By A Local Band

    "Say Yes to Me"

    West Palm Beach's beloved Surfer Blood gives us the warm and fuzzies. The band made us proud on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They made us proud touring with the Pixies. But what we really love is how the band has stuck to its roots; the band members' sunny, palm-tree-laden upbringing left an impression. This was made perfectly clear with… More >>
  • Best Rock Band

    Wake Up

    Lake Worth's Wake Up is riding high on a big old indie awesome wave. The band is hot right now, and yet it's also as cool as can be. It's on tour with Surfer Blood, played CMJ, and hasn't even put out a full-length album yet. It does, however, have an impressive grungy and power-pop-heavy EP, Forever Home, out on… More >>
  • Best Metal Band


    If you don't appreciate Devalued, chances are good you're an asshole. It's like all those people who didn't like Little Miss Sunshine. They're awful people. Straight up. The three guys from Broward who compose this D-beat band are absolutely charming. The music they make is as heavy as it gets, but at least two of them really enjoy Jamiroquai —… More >>
  • Best Folk Band


    When you think folk music, it's easy to go right to James Taylor daydreams or rewatch A Mighty Wind. There's a whole lot more folk than these sensitive classics, and it swims through genres in ways you have to feel to believe. When it comes to folk music in South Florida, it has an edge, it screams, it lights fires,… More >>
  • Best Bluegrass Band

    The Short Straw Pickers

    It's all about the string. In an area where reggae reigns and indie bands rule the night, it's been incredible to watch the rise of string music in South Florida. The true bluegrass sound being emitted by banjos, upright basses, and fiddles throughout our bubble has been startling in the best way possible. Why simply jam when you could "jamboogiegrassicana"?… More >>
  • Best Jam Band

    The Heavy Pets

    Not all local jam bands are created equal. Some seem to run laps between the Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery and the Funky Biscuit, which is solid. We need them — they make the scene what it is. But some local jam bands break through and travel the country delivering their slice of South Florida style to every corner of… More >>
  • Best Country Act

    Maggie Baugh

    Move over, Taylor Swift, in a totally not-Kanye way. There is a newer, younger, fresher, potentially more motivated country singer/songwriter making power moves. Fiddle prodigy Maggie Baugh is slowly but surely taking over the local country scene. A mainstay at festivals and events, Baugh picked up her first violin at 6 years old and never looked back. Now the fresh-faced… More >>
  • Best Reggae Band

    Army Gideon

    Spin around and point — did you find a reggae band? Tends to be the case on the live music scene in South Florida. And while we embrace everyone from the Sublime cover bands to 4/20-friendly acoustic solo artists as part of our beloved scene, some bands find a way to tip the scale in their favor. Fort Lauderdale-based Army… More >>
  • Best Hip-Hop Artist

    Eric Biddines

    Coffee makes the world go 'round. The little red berry contains a bean ripe for roasting that can animate even the most sleep-deprived. This brewed delight is also what motivates and inspires unusual hip-hop guy Eric Biddines. He's unique in that he's got a cool Andre 3000-type voice, and his style is just hippie enough so that mixed with his… More >>
  • Best Electronica Artist


    Millionyoung eased off the emotional gas and amped up the groove for its side project, Chévere. The downtempo new collabo by Mike Diaz and Kristof Ryan is still chill but not chillwave like their other avenue for sound creation. Though Diaz is kind of the founder of Millionyoung, the Fort Lauderdale duo is totally equal as Chévere, cowriting their songs.… More >>
  • Best Strip Club

    Cheetah Hallandale

    Lady goes through a rough breakup. Where does she take her girls? To Cheetah, for a divorce party. Rough day at work. Where do bros go to vent? Cheetah. Dennis Rodman comes back from North Korea, gets swarmed by annoying media types. Where does he duck for cover? Thazz right — Cheetah. Each of South Florida's nudie bars has its… More >>
  • Best Casino

    Gulfstream Park

    To a true gambler, the best casino is the one where you win. A dirty back alley where you roll only sevens will always have a fond place in your heart, and if you go bust in a luxurious palace, you will never wish to return no matter how fine the Champagne they comp might be. But if you're going… More >>
  • Best Kava Bar

    Mystic Water Kava Bar

    This hideaway in Hollywood would also win Likeliest Place to Spy a Hobbit. With its décor that emulates Middle Earth with the faux trees, dark lighting, and heavy tables, one could easily expect Frodo or Gandalf to sit next to you. Perhaps after a shot of the earthy-tasting house-brewed kava tea — served in a coconut shell with a chaser… More >>
  • Yellow-Green Farmers Market

    Best Farmers' Market

    Yellow-Green Farmers Market

    You'd think with our year-round growing season, there would be year-round farmers' markets, but many Florida markets are seasonal. Yellow-Green Farmers Market is one of the few permanent, year-round markets. It even has the added benefit of being under a roof, for those rainy or too, too sunny summer days. Located off of Taft Street near I-95, there are more… More >>
  • Best Festival

    Flow Fest Three

    Third time was a charm for Cas Tannenbaum's annual movement arts extravaganza and open-air carnival. Grounded in a philosophy that seeks the state of "flow" — defined as "an exhilarating transcendent way of being in which effortless control and peak skill seem to erase a sense of time" — this year's Flow Fest drew the greatest number yet of acrobatic… More >>
  • Best Sun Sentinel Writer

    Dave Hyde

    Since 1990, Sun Sentinel sports columnist Dave Hyde has seen you through the good and bad of South Florida sports. From the births of the Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers in the early '90s to the Miami Heat's back-to-back championships, sure as the sun rises, Hyde has been there to cover them. Before Twitter and Facebook dominated up-to-the-second sports… More >>
  • Best TV News Reporter

    Jawan Strader

    You need your South Florida news, and you need it from a reliable source. So when co-anchor Jawan Strader dispatches teases for his morning newscast on Twitter, you pay attention. "Fans waiting for Justin Bieber to show up in a Miami courtroom in case against his security guard," he alerts you. "Hazmat situation at JMH after shooting involving a party… More >>
  • Best AM Radio Personality

    Jon "Stugotz" Weiner, 790 The Ticket

    The admittedly worse half of 790 The Ticket's Dan LeBatard Show — Jon "Stugotz" Weiner — grows on you, mainly because he is you. Weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m., Stugotz perfectly plays the yin to Dan LeBatard's yang, consistently countering his well-spoken cohost's thought-provoking views on various subjects with his caveman-like hot-sports-take, emotion-filled contributions. While LeBatard is taking apart… More >>
  • Joy Taylor

    Best AM Radio Breakout Star

    Joy Taylor

    Joy Taylor has had one hell of a year. After being added to 790-AM The Ticket and the 104.3-FM Zaslow Show radio show as a producer, Taylor moved into a more prominent cohost spot when Marc Hochman left for 560 WQAM — the moved has turned out to be a real success. Not only are new, young, fresh voices a… More >>
  • Doc Reno, Big 105.9

    Best FM Radio Personality

    Doc Reno, Big 105.9

    Some FM personalities like the sound of their own voices a bit too much. Others try too hard to be funny. And yet others are constantly talking over your favorite song. But then there's a guy like Doc Reno, who spins the black circle at Big 105.9 in the afternoons and then again during the red eye between midnight and… More >>
  • Best AM Radio Producer

    Brendan Tobin; 790 The Ticket

    Brendan Tobin is the hardest-working man in AM radio; it's not even close. Tobin produces The Zaslow Show on 790-AM/104.3-FM The Ticket on weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. as well as hosts his own radio shows that cover golf and UFC/boxing on the weekends, so yeah, he's pretty busy. Any producer can set a show on autopilot and answer… More >>
  • Best Blog

    Fat Girl Hedonist

    Food — it's kind of a big deal in Broward and Palm Beach. One even might say the food scene is the heart of the cultural scene. Around here, people will drive 30 to 40 minutes to try a new restaurant. Or a weird new concept. Or an old favorite. The point is, food is king. But with so many… More >>
  • Best Twitter Feed


    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a local hero! They say you can't be everywhere at all times, but the exception is @aGuyonClematis. The Twitter superstar seems to be on a constant stroll down every snapshot-worthy inch of Clematis Street, the main drag of downtown West Palm Beach. No one's quite sure how the "Guy," AKA Aaron Wormus, manages… More >>
  • State Rep. Mark Pafford

    Best Politician

    State Rep. Mark Pafford

    A nice Jewish boy from Miami Beach, now settled in Palm Beach County, State Rep. Pafford's firm, calm manner makes his unrepentantly progressive public-policy positions seem like the only reasonable choice a sane voter could make. Thankfully, there appear to be enough sane voters in his district to assure a long career in that post or serve as a springboard… More >>
  • Best Political Hoax

    Scott Maxwell Fake Twitter Account

    In Lake Worth, politics is bitter; the pleasant little burg sure does breed some venom. But out of this toxic soil comes a sprout with some wit: @smaxwell2014 — a fake Twitter account for three-time commissioner Scott Maxwell. Riffing on Maxwell's history of fierce rhetoric about undocumented immigrants, @smaxwell2014 touts the commish as a "maligned defender of Anglo values and… More >>
  • Best Gadfly

    William Gelin of JAA Blog

    Lawyers love to gab. If they're not throwing jurisprudence around at judges or juries, they're talking among themselves. Gossip and rumor, bragging rights and boasts — outside of high school girls, you won't find people who whisper more about their peers than the ladies and gentlemen of the court. William Gelin's light-bulb moment was to put all those courthouse bull… More >>
  • Best Publicity Stunt

    Chaz Stevens' Festivus Pole

    There's a long tradition of separation of church and state in America, but sometimes, elected officials need to be publicly embarrassed to be reminded of it. A more polite passerby might have let a city building set up a manger at Christmastime without complaint, but longtime gadfly Chaz Stevens preferred to call bullshit when the City of Deerfield Beach allowed… More >>
  • Best Local Boy Gone Bad

    Steve Klein

    Pop-punk seems to have arisen from the minds of suburban teens too scared for the filthy pit of a real punk show. So it must be very strange to age if you got famous making this kind of kid-friendly music. You're the oldest guy at the show and you're onstage. Back in December, Coral Springs-bred pop-punkers New Found Glory ousted… More >>
  • Best Local Girl Gone Bad

    Olivia Sprauer

    An attractive 20-something teacher from Boca Raton, Olivia Sprauer made headlines after she was canned for moonlighting as a lingerie model. Sprauer, who was the teacher we clearly never had when we were growing up, was called into the office of her Martin County elementary school one afternoon. The school principal confronted her on the spot, showing her photographs of… More >>
  • Best Local Boy Gone Good

    Josh Gad

    Hollywood, Florida, native Josh Gad had always dreamed of being an entertainer. As a young man, he moved west and trained with the famous improvisational troupe the Groundlings. From there, he was able to use his talent as a comedic actor to land roles on the short-lived 2007 Kelsey Grammer vehicle Back to You and as a correspondent on The… More >>
  • Best Local Girl Gone Good

    Ariana Grande

    At last count, the New York Times had 11.8 million Twitter followers. LeBron James had slightly more, 12.8 million. CNN also nudged him out with 12.8 million. But 20-year-old Ariana Grande beat them all with 15.2 million and counting. In terms of Twitter reach, this makes her the 41st most powerful person in the world, not far behind the trifecta… More >>
  • Best Blog for Moms

    By day, Kristen Hewitt is a sports producer, editor, and reporter. By night, she is Mom to two ridiculously adorable daughters. So basically, she's a superhero. You may know her best from her work as a Sun Sports reporter during Miami Heat telecasts, and she also works as coordinating producer of Billy's Bunch, a Miami Marlins kids show that airs… More >>
  • Scary Mary Santa

    Best Spanking

    Scary Mary Santa

    Are you depressed? Is your desk job getting you down? Kids a huge pain? Husband lazing on the couch? Old lady burning your ass about a bunch of yard work? Are you existentially shaky after watching the True Detective finale? Well, you could beeline for the shrink and spill your guts on a couch, or you could pick up a… More >>
  • Best Fighters for a Noble Cause

    Cal Deal, Jessica Kross, and Chris Brennan

    Everybody loves a good locals-versus-developer matchup. In Fort Lauderdale over the past year, the heavyweight bout has been between flashy developer Asi Cymbal's 960-unit Marina Lofts project and a vocal opposition. The main issue: The project threatens to uproot the six-story-high, 100-year-old rain tree sitting smack in the middle of the development's proposed footprint. Despite promises to move the iconic… More >>
  • Best Underdog

    Nan Rich

    If their pockets weren't stuffed with cash from fat cats, their paths not cleared by national political party machines, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist would be worried about Nan Rich. That's because the Weston Democrat is about the cleanest pol trying to make a grab for the governor's office, saddled with neither Scott's shitty record nor Crist's epic flip-flops. The… More >>
  • Todd Allen Durkin

    Best Actor

    Todd Allen Durkin

    The Maltz Jupiter Theatre's production of Dial M for Murder — a mothballed murder mystery that was made into an unlikely 3-D movie by Alfred Hitchcock — was impeccably handsome. But it was also hopelessly embalmed in another time, with many of the actors failing to transcend 1950s mannequins. But as the film's chief antagonist, who is also, devilishly, its… More >>
  • Valentina Izarra

    Best Actress

    Valentina Izarra

    Kim Ehly's Fort Lauderdale-based Kutumba Theatre Project is just two productions into its existence, but it has established a niche brand as a voice for the lesbian-American experience. Theatergoers have already witnessed growth from its first production, the pulp throwback The Beebo Brinker Chronicles, to its second, Julie Johnson, about a young woman's sexual and intellectual awakenings. That growth largely… More >>
  • Dennis Creaghan

    Best Supporting Actor

    Dennis Creaghan

    If you're a dog person — and if you're not, you should be — the most affecting character in Palm Beach Dramaworks' Of Mice and Men was not Brendan Titley's Lennie Small, the mentally challenged migrant worker, nor John Leonard Thompson's George Milton, his long-suffering partner. It was Dennis Creaghan's Candy, an aging handyman on a roiling ranch whose mangled… More >>
  • Kim Ostrenko and Betsy Graver

    Best Supporting Actress

    Kim Ostrenko and Betsy Graver

    The dysfunctional family, an overdone theater chestnut if ever there was one, received a refreshingly offbeat treatment from playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer and the team at Boca-based Parade Productions this year. The Last Schwartz chronicled a tumultuous weekend in the ancestral home of the Schwartz siblings, who gathered to honor the first anniversary of their patriarch's passing but instead reopened… More >>
  • Best Musical

    Parade; Slow Burn Theatre Company

    Parade, Jason Robert Brown's fact-based 1998 show about the wrongful rape and murder conviction of a Jewish factory owner in the anti-Semitic Atlanta of 1913, received a landmark production from the company that has become South Florida's edgiest purveyor of musical theater. On a set that resembled a rural, rickety hall of (in)justice, director Patrick Fitzwater turned Brown's song-heavy, operatic… More >>
  • The Timekeepers, Island City Stage

    Best Set Design

    The Timekeepers, Island City Stage

    The "wow" factor of many set designs lies in their enviable resplendency — their evocation of worlds in which most of us wouldn't mind spending the rest of our days. The Maltz Jupiter Theatre's Annie and Other Desert Cities come to mind, with their lush and livable milieus of money well-spent. Others, like our winner, reside on the opposite extreme,… More >>
  • Best Theater for the Arts

    Slow Burn at the West Boca Performing Arts Theatre

    Over the past year, Slow Burn Theatre Company has proved that sometimes the best theater can originate from the unlikeliest places: in this case, a high school in the boondocks of West Boca Raton, an area so remote that you're likely to pass tumbleweeds on your way to the parking lot. But once you get inside, you're transported to worlds… More >>
  • The Timekeepers

    Best Play

    The Timekeepers

    It was just the second production from Fort Lauderdale company Island City Stage, but The Timekeepers became the year's underdog success story when it won all six of its nominated categories, including Best Production of a Play, at the Carbonell Awards. Why? First, it's a brilliantly written play, by Dan Clancy, that touches important subject matter — homophobia, anti-Semitism, the… More >>
  • Best Director

    Patrick Fitzwater

    When South Florida's theater critics attended Slow Burn Theatre's Next to Normal in October, most of them had seen the same show a year and a half earlier at Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables, in a production that was nominated for some of the highest honors in the community. But they hadn't seen anything quite like Fitzwater's take on this… More >>
  • The Longing and the Short of It

    Best New Work

    The Longing and the Short of It

    When it comes to writing concept albums, John Darnielle of indie-rock cult heroes the Mountain Goats once said, "I write songs, and they begin to sort of hang together, sort of like a crowd gathering in a public space." That's basically what happened with The Longing and the Short of It, a collection of older and newer songs from emerging… More >>
  • Henning Haupt\'s The Tunnel

    Best Public Art

    Henning Haupt's The Tunnel

    Earlier this year, Fort Lauderdale got aesthetically lucky when artist and Florida Atlantic University assistant professor of architecture Henning Haupt took his class outside to get to work. There, he and his crew used paint rollers to beautify "the tunnel" inside the city parking garage located between First and Second avenues just north of Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. With… More >>
  • Francesco LoCastro

    Best Visual Artist

    Francesco LoCastro

    LoCastro's work is badass. In recent years, the lowbrow artist grew up, from curating hip shows in Wynwood to staying in and focusing on his work full-time. Good thing he did. Last year, the Italian-German artist impressed the art world when he launched his "Geometry" series. The vivid abstract works are a result of a painstaking painting technique. He begins… More >>
  • Ruben Ubiera

    Best Street Artist

    Ruben Ubiera

    Trying to catch up with Ubiera is nearly impossible. He's usually out burning up hours spray-painting walls. The Dominican-born street artist has painted murals inside the International Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, inside the Evernia Parking Garage in West Palm Beach, at Delray's El Camino Cocina and Tequila Bar, and at Miami's Wynwood Brewery, just to name a few. Ubiera describes his… More >>
  • Samantha Salzinger

    Best Photographer

    Samantha Salzinger

    Nowadays, anyone with an Instagram account can claim to be a photographer. But Samantha Salzinger goes beyond using slick editing filters when snapping photographs. She actually constructs the environments she shoots. The Yale MFA graduate and associate professor of art at Palm Beach State College makes large-scale dioramas with her hands. She'll spend hours sculpting materials into landscapes, plush with… More >>
  • Best Curator

    Jill Slaughter, curator of special projects in Pembroke Pines

    Jill Slaughter, a San Francisco Art Institute-schooled and Whitney Museum-awarded scholar, brings a creative vision to suburban Pembroke Pines. As the city's curator of special projects, she puts on shows year-round at Studio 18. Many of these have serious themes — in "Which Way Out," she explored LGBT coming out of the proverbial closet; in "The Sincerity Project," she showed… More >>
  • Best Patrons of the Arts

    Elayne Marvin Mordes

    There's plenty of money around these parts, and damned little of it makes its way into the hands of local artists. That's the bottom line on patronage. But no one around here makes more scrilla trickle down to our peeps than Elayne and Marvin Mordes, collectors of avant-garde work. Passionately contemporary, Elayne is the couple's more public face, the effervescent… More >>
  • Unit 1

    Best Alternative Art Space

    Unit 1

    If you have your eyes open on a semiregular basis, you probably know that Lake Worth has become a mecca for local shows and music festivals. One man behind one venue is doing his due diligence to maintain the esoteric identity of Lake Worth while creating his own scene within it. That man is Jacques de Beaufort, and his gift… More >>
  • Best Art Exhibition

    "(Un)Common Traces"

    It wasn't the biggest or the glitziest art exhibit last year — and "big" or "glitzy" would have been completely out of place in the industrial Boynton Beach Arts District anyway — but "(Un)Common Traces," featuring the work of four members of art collective Dwelling Projects, was far and away the scrappiest and most spirited. Spread throughout three bays of… More >>
  • Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

    Best Art Gallery

    Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

    Every few months, curator Jane Hart presents a new show, and every time, she hits the mark in quality. This past year, we saw "Rugs," a series of large tapestries hand-sewn from pieces of teddy bears by Miami artist Agustina Woodgate. Francesco Lo Castro showed his genius with "Advent," a cutting-edge geometric painting collection. And we got our comic fix… More >>
  • Best Museum

    Stonewall National Museum and Archive

    Thank the queer deities for South Florida! There are few spots on this Earth where two dudes or two ladies starting a life together is about as everyday as a man and a woman getting hitched and subsequently divorced — and southeastern Florida, friends, is one of them. That's why Fort Lauderdale is the fieriest place in the world to… More >>
  • Best Art Event

    "The Love Burn"

    When Maker's Square opened its doors late last year, Fort Lauderdale got its coolest tool shop. The venue doubles as a social club for would-be "makers," a movement of DIY artisans who adore tools. Memberships follow a gym business model: Sign up and use any tool from the $100,000 collection. Make arduino robots here! Or sew up a cosplay outfit!… More >>
  • FAT Village Art Walk

    Best Art Walk

    FAT Village Art Walk

    Just a few short years ago, the area now known as FAT Village — short for Flagler Arts and Technology — was a no-man's-land just east of Maguire's Irish Pub. There wasn't much to see and even less to do. Sure, there were some artists toiling in little warehouse studios and a few graphic arts companies churning out their art… More >>
  • Best Dive Bar

    Lamp Post Lounge

    Dive. Noun. [dahyv]. Origin: 1880-85; < Italian < Latin diva, feminine of divus. 1. A well-worn drinking establishment, popular among regulars and thirsty travelers alike. 2. Location along a busy thoroughfare, for example on North Federal Highway in Hollywood. 3. A dank and gloomy establishment, with the only natural light streaming in through picture windows up front. 4. The last… More >>

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