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30 Years of Halloween

In 1977, the Misfits set out to start a new kind of punk rock band. Not satisfied with simple thrashing guitars and typical angst-ridden lyrics, lead singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only started penning tunes that sounded like the undead offspring of The Ramones, Black Sabbath, and the Drifters. But all wasn’t well in Misfits Land: Danzig split to do solo work in 1983, and a decade long legal battle ensued. Things looked grim, indeed.

But then, in the early ΄90s, Only put the issues to rest, resurrected the band, and continued the Misfits’ tradition of high-energy live shows and classic horror movie inspired lyrics. The group’s most recent album, Project 1950, is a compilation of ΄50s era rock ´n’ roll covers like “This Magic Moment” and “Great Balls of Fire” -- just the sort of three-chord tunes that they originally channeled their inspiration from. O.G. Misfits Jerry Only (Bass/Vocals) and Robo (Drums) will be joined by Black Flag alum Dez Cadena (guitar) on tour, which hits the Culture Room (3095 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale) this Saturday. Tickets cost $19.99, and doors open at 8:00 p.m. Visit, or call 954-564-1074.
Sat., Nov. 24, 2007


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