A Little Bit Dead

As one of the elder statesmen of the local gothic/industrial community, Doug MacDuff has seen his fair share of weekly parties come and go. The 33-year veteran DJ, better known as Godfather (“because I don’t know anyone who’s been doing this longer than me,” he says), has been filling dance floors in the sunny south since 1980. That’s when he first spun B-52’s records to unsuspecting crowds. Nowadays, he’s the resident DJ at the Fetish Factory’s monthly gothic dance party, Alter Ego. But he’s also teamed up with scenester dance-queen Morgan La Rue to create a brand new night for gothic music called Le Petit Mort. (That’s French for “a little bit dead.”) Mort will keep the same format as the Alter Ego – industrial, alternative, retro, goth – but will ditch the pesky cages, dungeons, and dress codes of the fetish world in favor of a more musical approach. The idea, according to MacDuff, is that this night will draw out bigger crowd of people who are just looking to dance. “I don’t know if goth will maintain its original attire and meaning,” he says, “but the music is getting better – it’s better produced and more dance oriented, instead of just slam songs.” But slamming is so much fun! Mort rolls off the gurney tonight at Club XIT (219 N. 21st Ave., Hollywood). Call 954-873-7696.
Saturdays, 2007

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