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A New Persp3ctive

Just what is the elusive quality we call the soul? More important, if we could see it, what would it look like? That’s one of the questions tackled in the exhibit “Introsp3ctives.” Now, you’ re probably wondering about that 3. But don’t worry about that. The only three you need to know about are these three -- Lorna Hernández, Debbie Rose Myers, and Valan Evers, the talented, narrative-driven digital illustrators whose work makes up the exhibit. In addition to the perennial artistic aim of self-expression, “Introsp3ctives” also explores subjects like joy, wisdom, and what makes something sacred. But aside from that, the technical aspects of the three artists speak for themselves. Just take a gander at Evers’ classically inspired Summer Solstice or the muted, haunting imagery in Myers’s The Free Lunch and Hernández’s The Antidote. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then perhaps you need to engage in a little introsp3ction.
Jan. 25-Feb. 6


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