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A Slow Burn

When LeBron James got traded to the Miami Heat, you reveled in the jilted ex-lover-like hysteria that came from his hometown and welcomed the A-game baller to Miami with open arms and high-dollar eBay bids on game-day tickets. But with him or without him, there’s still not too much you wouldn’t do for South Florida’s beloved basketball team. You even monitor Dwyane Wade’s somewhat incessant tweets (“So I heard thy trying 2 change the zodiac signs... Noooo Capricorn for life...”). But just what do you get in return? A team that — as of late — has spent more time licking its wounds than blazing the courts. There’s still time for the Heat to get back in fans’ good graces with a game tonight against LeBron’s former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Places to catch the game are everywhere, but head to the bar at Dave and Buster's (3000 Oakwood Blvd., Hollywood), where, if the team disappoints, you can drown your sorrows in potent fruity drinks and endless rounds of Dance Dance Revolution. Call 954-923-5505, or visit
Mon., Jan. 31, 2011


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