And They Make for Cool Tattoos

Boris the spider. Charlotte. Peter Parker/Spiderman. Ziggy and the spiders from Mars... There’s something elemental about the eight-legged, web-weaving arachnid that gives it a foothold in mass culture. Consider: Why hasn’t anyone ever written a song about an itsy-bitsy dung beetle going up the water spout?

Explore the spider’s eternal allure come Sunday, when the Freddick Bratcher Dance Company creeps onto the stage. “A Storydance on Anansi” uses interpretive dance to tell of a much-loved trickster spider born of African folklore origins. Anansi, the Curious George of the insect world, will delight the whole family as he busts moves and beguiles larger members of the animal kingdom. No real flies will be consumed during this free performance which happens from 1-2 p.m. at Hollywood Arts Park (US-1 and Hollywood Blvd.) Call 954-921-3274 or visit
Sun., Nov. 18, 1 p.m., 2007

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