Another Film Festival for South Florida

The L-Dub Film Festival is a noble little experiment in its inaugural year, put on for the benefit of local filmmakers. Under the submission rules, all films — from music videos to documentaries — were shot in just one week. From 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, the festival first opens with a networking reception, and then there’s a screening of shorts and a feature film.The movie listings haven’t been published as of this writing, but Lumiere Fantome is already slated to premiere — an eerie ghost story based on photos of what the Lake Worth Playhouse purports are actual ghosts (vaguely humanoid dark blotches) sitting in its theater.

The L-Dub Film Festival runs from Friday through Sunday at the Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave., Lake Worth). On the last day, there’s a Q&A with industry professionals, including Dean Lyon, special-effects supervisor for Lord of the Rings; a red-carpet event; and an awards ceremony. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
Fri., Sept. 17, 5 p.m.; Sat., Sept. 18; Sun., Sept. 19, 2010


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