Apocalypse Soon

Space junk, iPhones, injuries on Dancing With the Stars. A trillion dollars expunged in Iraq while Bush vetoes healthcare for children. Credit markets decay, oil nears $90. How long before a shoe drops? If global warming is just hot air, then nothing could stop us on our trajectory -- except the Apocalypse.

The Bible imagines molten brimstone and the gnashing of teeth, but that’s vague. How about a super-sized falcon clutching broken parts of a skyscraper in its talons, shaking people out of the buildings and into the mouths of screeching baby falcons? That’s more imaginative. It’s an illustration by Miami artist Brian Reedy; he’s made eschatology (the study of endings) a singular art with his drawings, woodcuts, prints, and videos. His works comprise a new exhibit, “Things to Come,” at the Dorsch Gallery - a 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse (151 NW 24th St., Miami). The video installation is especially notable, including a six-minute film that begins with a Claymation Apocalypse and ends in a “Post-Apocalyptic Hangover.” We all know that feeling. Admission’s free, and the art sells for surprisingly cheap. The end is nigh, (Translation: this exhibit ends on Nov. 11). Call 305-576-1278, or visit www.dorschgallery.com.
Nov. 1-11, 2007

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