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In high school, there are plenty of social cliques -- the jocks, the geeks, the preps, the freaks. Though many of these groups look down on each other (“Nice shirt, Poindexter!”), the loose contingent known as artists look at everyone from a different angle -- as potential subjects. The artists featured in the “Palm Beach Central High School Art Student Exhibition” are no exception. Goths may get snide remarks from the football team, but the black-clad, fire-haired girl in Kendra Brodsky's Apple of My Eye is given the model treatment. “Students are encouraged to take off on personal expressions to produce final masterpieces throughout the year,” art teacher Jennie Eve Barnett says. “This exhibit is a result of the students’ personal fortitude.” And yes, it does take fortitude to be an artist in high school. The exhibit is open now through May 2 inside the lobby gallery of the Palm Beach Community College Eissey Campus Theatre (3160 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens). Call 561-207-5905.
April 26-May 2

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