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There's something about DaDa, that hip little restaurant/bar in Delray Beach, that transforms an ordinary night of drinking with friends into a form of mental exploration. Maybe it's the Old Florida house in which it's set, or the staff's obvious appreciation for good art, but something inside just exudes poetry. Which is why DaDa's monthly live art series suits the place so well: the combination of well-heeled hipsters sipping microbrews and noshing on pretty small plates while an artist looks on and paints live is a natural one.

Sunday night at 9, Miami-based artist Adam C. Schrimmer will be putting pencil to paper as he sketches the human body, portraiture, and the like, all live. He'll also be displaying some of his past works, including a series of illustrations of porcelain dolls, a subject matter Schrimmer is intrigued by. As for the bar setting goes, that's something the artist is used to as well - Schrimmer currently has a small collection of pieces on display at the Vagabond in Miami called "Artislife." Of course, there will also be tunes, courtesy of DJ Flavorbud Living, but that shouldn't interrupt Schrimmer's process, at least according to his artist statement: "There is only me, my hands, my eyes, and a tree that has been re-purposed into two very different materials. One material that gives. One material that receives."

DaDa is located at 52 N. Swinton Ave. in Delray Beach. Sunday night's painting begins at 7:30 and runs till around 2 in the morning. Call 561-330-DADA.
Sun., April 19, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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