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Attack of the 50-Foot Ganesh

Move over, Laser-Floyd, there’s a new sensory overload in town: IMAX. If forty-eight-hundred square feet of mind-blowing color and a mega-decibels audio track sounds like fun, listen up. In the new AMEX Explore India Film Festival running through October, the majestic country of India gets the IMAX treatment. You’ll soar over the Himalayas and get swept down the Ganges as you’re enveloped by a double feature presentation.

First, settle in for Mystic India, following the true story of an 11-year-old boy as he starts an 8,000-mile spiritual journey across India. Then dig deep in your bag for extra snacks, because you’ve still got some learnin’ to do; IMAX’s second film India: Kingdom of the Tiger tells the story of the Bengal tiger and how its history and future are linked to its peaceful habitat. Both films offer stunning views of ancient architecture and customs, while retaining that stomach-churning, vertigo-inducing quality you love about IMAX. The festival takes place at the Museum of Discovery and Science AutoNation IMAX Theater (401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets cost 15 bucks. Call 954-713-0930, or visit
Sept. 21-Oct. 31, 2008


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