Back to the Future, Again

If you haven't traveled to Clubland (AKA Miami Beach) in the past 48 hours, you might not be aware there's a new party genre in the offing. It's a little something called "neo-hippie cyberpunk kiddiecore," and to "get it," envision a computer-generated Woodstock set in the Neuromancer universe all about fat pants, friendship, and LSD. Or if your imagination is charred from too many head trips, just dial up and drop out when rave-slash-happening Love hits Poprox this Saturday.

Beginning at 10 p.m., this monthly dance party with a multimedia edge will host the Gotham Night Dreamworld Tour, featuring local bands Kill Miss Pretty, EnV, and DPX. There'll also be kinder art by anime pop designer Kawaii Universe. But sadly, don't expect Ecstasy dispensers or free holographic acid stamps of Timmy Leary's face. The fun stuff will be limited to seven-dollar beer-and-shot combos. Admission costs five bucks.
Sat., Sept. 5, 10 p.m., 2009

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