Beats and Brush Strokes

Anyone who knows the Secondhand Outfit’s Jasper Delaini knows his tastes are more eclectic than just hip-hop. The one-man operation behind Audio Thrift Shop Records is into everything from rock ’n’ roll and garage to punk and vintage electronic music. It’s something he’ll remind anyone who attends this Friday’s opening of the group art show “Arsenals and Agendas,” where Delaini shares duties behind the microphone and turntable. Hosted by Ceasetodream Promotions, the show features work by local artists who aren’t exactly of the still-life and sunsets variety. There is some genuinely sharp stuff to be found here, including work from local artists Bane, George Rios, Mar5, Tussi Maldita, Mario Martinez, SR27, Beastmode, Fabian de la Flor, Esteban Corbo, Jon Clazo, Juan Navarro and ¡SOY! Phew!

“Arsenals and Agendas” opens Friday at 7 p.m. at CS Gallery, at 787 NE 125th St. in North Miami. The show runs through June 22. Call 305-308-6561, or visit
May 29-June 22, 7 p.m., 2009

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